Five years ago today…

Just checking in to inform you that I’ve abducted my wife.  Don’t worry.  She came willingly.

Today the missus and I celebrate five years of managing not to push each other out the window in a crime of passion and to mark the occasion I have whisked her away to an undisclosed location for the weekend.  I will reveal that there is a fireplace (I don’t know what we were thinking getting hitched on midwinter’s day – it’s not like we’re druids or anything), South African bubbly (apparently you’re not allowed to call it champagne unless it was actually produced in France), and rose petals on the bed.  Do I know how to spoil my lady or what?

So, I’m off.  You are welcome to leave your congratulatory messages in the comments, but don’t expect a reply before Monday – the computer and smart phone are staying at home this weekend.

I’ll leave you with these previously unpublished photos from our honeymoon. (Click on the images to view them full size and press “Escape” when you’re done)

The wife has also drawn a picture on her blog to commemorate the day.  You should go and like it.

(By the way, don’t you think WordPress just did an excellent job arranging this mosaic?  The software highlighted exactly the photos I would have, given a choice.)

11 thoughts on “Five years ago today…

      1. I’ve been with my wife for nearly 20 years now and couldn’t possibly comment…. 🙂 Usually I forget our wedding anniversary but remember her birthday. This year it was the other way around and I wasn’t allowed to forget the point for WEEKS…. 🙂


      2. Ha-ha. In our house I’m the one who remembers dates. The wife was actually surprised when I informed her it’s been five years now. And I occasionally have to remind her of her age as well XD (Just to clarify: we’re both 32. I didn’t score myself a wealthy octogenarian or something.)


    1. Are you alluding now to a certain mayoral candidate who tweeted his indiscretions not once, but multiple times? Actually there aren’t any tasteless honeymoon pictures. We’re just not that kinky 😉


      1. I do not know of this mayoral candidate of whom you speak. We had a congressman who sent less-than-clothed photos of himself to women other than his wife. His name was Weiner (pronounced like wiener). That was not a good news cycle…


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