Guess Who…

Guess Who…

Guess Who gameMy wife is awesome.  She claims she sucks at coming up with gift ideas, but lately she has been giving me presents that overflows with awesome to such a degree that I’m hard-pressed to find her anything equally incredible.

Take the present I got when I woke up this morning: Guess Who? is a game she bought back when she was still a youth worker and needed ways to entertain the kids who regularly hung out at her place. It’s basically twenty questions. Each person picks a card with a character on it and then you take turns asking each other yes/no questions to try and figure out who is on the other person’s card before they can figure out yours. It’s the coolest present ever!

Oh, I should probably mention that the wife did make one modification. She illustrated new cards for the game, depicting characters from, you guessed it, Doctor Who. So now instead of Guess Who? we can play Doctor Who?

Guess Who game with Doctor Who characters
A one-of-a-kind game

It’s so cool that my wife can do this. Not only does she geek out about stuff like this with me, but she makes me my very own, one-of-a-kind merchandise that you’ll never find on Amazon. If you’ve been here a while you’ll also remember the TARDIS twinky that was my birthday cake two years ago, the TARDIS shoulder bag I got this past Christmas, and my Doctor Who and Batman Valentine’s cards.

And when she came home from school this afternoon she had another surprise:

Indiana Jones DVDs

I also got all the Indiana Jones films on DVD. Yes, I said all. Like many other fans of the franchise I deny the existence of that fourth one that doesn’t exist. It’s movie night tonight. Shame she has to work tomorrow, otherwise we could have made it a marathon.

But back to my game…I think I should tell the wife I need a Star Wars set as well, just to prevent it from getting boring. And a Marvel/DC Superheroes set…and Lord of the Rings…and…OOOH! A Discworld set. Yes! That’s a great idea…

18 thoughts on “Guess Who…

  1. She’s wonderful! A far better wife than I… 🙂
    Also … I’m sure you’re not the only fan who would love to own something like this. And Christmas is coming. And you’re currently unemployed, right? And … eBay? Amazon? Self-publishing tools? What do you have to lose?


    1. What do I have to lose? Everything I own and possibly my freedom.

      Fan art is actually a copyright violation, and the moment we try to sell a single one of these illustrations we won’t have a legal leg to stand on.


      1. You’re the first person to agree with me on Last Crusade! It definitely gets my vote as I think Connery and Ford have great chemistry & I like the humour having Jones Snr around brings. I think most people rate Raiders the highest though (which is also great, but I’ve definitely watched Last Crusade more).


      2. Sean Connery as comic relief was definitely one of the best casting choices ever.

        Yeah, I don’t get why everyone is so crazy about Raiders. As Amy in The Big Bang Theory pointed out, it would end the same regardless of whether Indy was there or not.

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