A-weekending we go

It’s long weekend over here (Monday is a public holiday, not that I know what you’re supposed to do with a  long weekend smack bang in the middle of winter) and we’re off to see the in-laws.  Mine and the wife’s.  They live in the same town.  Yet we met each other 1500km away on the other side of the country three years after my dad moved there.  That’s a tale for another day.

Actually we’re driving up for my niece’s christening – yet another thing we can congratulate my step-sister and her husband for (and probably the grandparents as well and I just bet you someone’s going to congratulate me as the proud uncle) that they didn’t actually do.

On the way we’ll be passing through a place with a cinema, so movie-time today, and tonight we’re taking a friend in Jo-burg out for a show for her birthday, so fun-times all around.

I’m not taking the computer along, but through the wonderful ingenuity of the WordPress.com platform and some planning on my part this blog can pretty much carry on without me, but I won’t be able to answer any comments for the next few days, so please don’t feel offended if I don’t.  I’ll get to them.

Have a great weekend (or if you had other plans, whatever).