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Me with my favourite hammer

Over the past decade I’ve been a youth worker, an English teacher and a high school principal. Two years ago I left teaching (before I did something that might land me in jail) to pursue a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counselling. I’ve recently given up on that as it was going nowhere in more ways than one, and in a moment of insanity I applied for a job at Automattic, the company behind For some obscure reason they decided to give it to me, so now I call myself a Happiness Engineer by day and help people to hammer their sites into shape while learning web development and coding in my free time.

I presume to call myself a writer, though I’ve yet to publish anything outside this blog (which requires me to actually finish something worth publishing first…it’s a vicious circle, I tell you). I’m also the founder and president of several secret societies, but I can’t tell you any more about that as the other members would be forced to kill me. Once I manage to recruit some members, that is. You wanna join? We have cool robes the wife sewed and you’ll get your own hammer. No? It was worth a shot.

I live in South Africa next to a river that floods every two years or so. Luckily I live on the top floor of my building. Unluckily I don’t own a boat.

Our parking area during flood season

I’m married to a wonderful woman who encourages my delusions of grandeur, buys me Legos for my birthday, and geeks out over Terry Pratchett, Harry Dresden and Doctor Who with me. Her mother’s pet name for her is Kokkelien. Do you believe in destiny?

She also illustrates my blog for me. You can find more of her work over on Squiggles and Scribbles.

What else? I love the outdoors, especially hiking, and I go running once a year when the mood strikes me. I’m a fairly accomplished puppeteer and a decent baker. I own way too many books, but I can stop buying them anytime I want to. I don’t want to stop buying books.

Anything else you want to know? Leave a comment, or better yet, take a walk through the archives. My 100th post is a good place to start.

If you do the social media thing, look me up. I use KokkieH wherever I go, so I should be easy to find. In fact, scroll down just a little to follow my Facebook and Twitter pages without even leaving this screen.

Introduce yourself, throw around some hammers, and have fun.

15 thoughts on “Meet KokkieH…

    1. I tried to make them fun, but I think I sometimes got too serious for them. I miss it though. I wish there were a way to work with young people in the church without having to get past the politics of the adults.

      1. I wish there were a way to work with anyone in the church without having to get past the politics. I retired after a brutal year of defending our pastor’s vision – I wish I had left a year earlier. However, I remind myself that Jesus went through much more!

  1. Hey, Herman – I know you’re something of a WordPress boffin, so maybe you can advise me. I started signing up for CoPromote and then backed off when they apparently wanted permission to take over my entire site. Do you know anything about this? Is it safe to use? Is there any benefit to using it, given that I do not have, and do not ever intend to have, any other social media sites? (I don’t do FB, Twitter, or any of that stuff.) Please advise!

    1. Boffin? Ha! You give me too much credit. What I know is only thanks to people like Timethief et. al. and a very inquisitive mind – I like to find out how stuff works. Oh, the number of electronic toys that got disassembled over the years…

      They probably only require access to your RSS feed, not the dashboard itself. This is normal practice, as everything from the Reader to Publicize to a host of blog directories that list your blog without you even knowing it use your public feed. I see you can also log in using your credentials, so you give them access to your account, but this is usually very limited and they shouldn’t be able to see your login details themselves, nor be able to change anything on your account. Of course, if you’re part of the tinfoil-hat brigade, stay away 😉

      I did a quick forum search and it appears the CoPromote was supported by until some time last year (I recall having previously seen it in a support doc), but not anymore. I don’t think would have partnered with them if their service was in any way dodgy, so there’s that.

      But I can’t find any info on what the free trial entails, so it’s either temporary or very limited, which means you have to be a paid subscriber to get the full worth of using it. Unless one is monetising one’s blog through advertising, I don’t see the point in using any service where one has to pay for traffic. But that’s just my opinion.

      1. Thank you so much. It sounds as though they’re *probably* safe but will add little value in the context of my blogging goal – which is largely self-indulgent. Obviously I love when I get a new follower, but I’m still counting my followers in ones, and will probably continue to do so for a long time… 🙂

  2. Sterkte met jou Pastoral Counselling. Ekself het dit baie interessant gevind en is vandag betrokke by verskillende vrouekampe oor Emosionele Intelligensie.

    Hoop jy vind jou ware roeping op die regte plek! Daar is baie stukkende mense buite …

    1. Baie dankie. Dit gaan op die punt maar broekskeur – dat ek nie weet wat ek eintlik met die kwalifikasie gaan doen nie maak dit moeilik om deur die teorie te kom. Toe ek begin het, het ek geweet, maar herhaalde terugslae i.t.v. werk het my nou op ‘n punt wat ek bevraagteken of ek hoegenaamd nog in die bediening moet/wil wees. Ek ploeter nou maar voort in die hoop dat daar iewers ‘n lig sal aangaan.

      Dankie vir die inloer.

    1. Thanks. I’m actually thinking of doing a post about the title. Though it would be after the fact – I picked it simply because I needed something and it sounded different.

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