Books ’14

What I’m reading, in case you’re interested.  For non-fiction (NF) and short stories I only list books I read cover-to-cover.  If I’ve reviewed or otherwise discussed it, the title links to the post.

I often read several books at once.  I list them in the month I finish them.

  • Erm…yes…you should probably read this
  • Death Masks – Jim Butcher
  • Blood Rites – Jim Butcher
  •  Interview With The Vampire – Anne Rice
  •  Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen – P.G. Wodehouse
  • A Dance With Dragons 1: Dreams and Dust – George R.R. Martin
  •  A Dance With Dragons 2: After the Feast – George R.R. Martin
  • Unlocked: An Oral History Of Haden’s Syndrome – John Scalzi (Novella)
  • American Gods – Neil Gaiman
  • Dead Beat – Jim Butcher
  • Jingo – Terry Pratchett
  • Proven Guilty – Jim Butcher

Total books read in 2014 – 25 (not counting the novella and counting the two volumes of A Dance With Dragons as one book, which they actually are)

2 thoughts on “Books ’14

  1. I love this idea! I think I’m going to steal it. I started out writing reviews, but not all books are worthy, and I’d rather read another book than write a review anyway. On the other hand, I at least want to be able to say “Avoid At All Costs” or “BUY THIS BOOK”. Anyway, thanks for the list … Looks like you and I have some common tastes in literature.


    1. You are more than welcome to steal this idea. I also got it from someone else, so you don’t even have to give me credit for it 🙂

      I enjoy actually keeping track of the books I’ve finished.


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