Privacy Policy

You may not know it, but every time you leave a comment on if all else fails… or send me a message via a contact form, your email and IP addresses, and if you’re logged in your username and website URL, is collected by As owner of this blog I have access to that information. (It works like this for all blogs on, by the way.)

Hopefully it concerns you to know that other people could have access to this type of information. However, you have my assurance that, except for the conditions explained below, I won’t use that information to send you unsolicited communications, including messages to promote this blog. You also have my assurance that I won’t supply your contact information to any third party under any circumstances, unless required so by law (which hopefully won’t happen 😉 ).


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I will not use any of the information supplied when commenting to contact you directly without first getting your express permission via a standard reply to your comments.

Should you use the comments section to launch personal attacks on me or other commenters, or otherwise attempt to troll or spam this blog, I will use that information to blacklist you and permanently ban you from my comments section.

Contact Form

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By submitting a contact form on if all else fails…use a hammer, you grant me permission to use your contact details to reply to you directly. However, I undertake to limit my reply to the scope of the specific contact form and/or the content of your message. Note that I will not reply to any messages regarding support. Please visit the contact page if you need help with your site.

Social Media

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By following me or this blog via social media, including but not limited to liking the official Facebook page, following KokkieH on Twitter, or adding me to your circles in Google+, you grant me permission to contact you directly via those social media channels if needed, and where applicable to also follow/add you back.

E-mail Notifications

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If you’re receiving e-mail notifications of posts and/or comments on if all else fails… it’s because you signed up for it. does not offer blog owners the ability to add users to a mailing list, so it’s not possible for me to subscribe you against your will. Should you no longer wish to receive updates from this site, you have the power to unsubscribe. You can do so from the Subscription Management page or from the Reader, depending whether or not you have a account.


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You should be aware that collects information about all visitors to this, or any other, site by way of placing cookies in your browser. I have no control over that whatsoever, so please read the Automattic Privacy Policy in this regard.

Last Updated: 29 May 2016