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if all else fails…use a hammer is my personal blog and any views expressed on this site are my own or those of my guest authors and do not reflect the views of Automattic/, my wife or any of the various secret societies of which I’m a member. I reserve the right to change my views over time without providing a reason for such change. It’s called personal growth.

if all else fails…use a hammer is entirely non-commercial in nature. I do not make use of affiliate links and do not receive remuneration for creating posts on this blog. This site is ad-free courtesy of the Premium Plan subscription.

If a particular post is sponsored in any way, for example a review of a book that was provided to me free of charge for that purpose, this will be clearly stated at the start of the particular post.

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You might not have heard this before, but just because something is on the internet it doesn’t mean it’s free. For copyright purposes, is not in the public domain.


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All text on if all else fails…use a hammer is licensed to Herman “KokkieH” Kok, the owner and author of this blog, except where quoted from another source or where the text was contributed by a guest author, in which case copyright belongs to the original/guest author.

You are welcome to quote short sections of not more than 75 consecutive words, provided it is linked back to the source post and you properly attribute authorship to Herman Kok or KokkieH and if all else fails…use a hammer. And while I can’t prevent you from using the re-blogging feature built into, I’d much prefer if you simply link to a post, rather than re-blog – you can use the Press This button at the bottom of every post for this purpose.

No original fiction from this blog may be reproduced in any form, electronic or otherwise, in whole or in part, without the author’s written consent.


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Original images bearing the watermark “© [2013-2016] Herman Kok” on if all else fails…use a hammer are likewise licensed to Herman Kok and may not be used without written permission. Permission to use images from this blog can be obtained using the form below.

Images bearing the watermark “© [2013-2016] Elwica Kok” are licensed to Elwica Kok. These images have been specifically commissioned for use on if all else fails…use a hammer and its related pages and social media accounts and may not be re-used.

Please do not hotlink to any image appearing on this blog. If I give you permission to use one of my images I will provide you with a copy of the image you can upload to your own web host/server.

Additionally, please do not re-use images belonging to others which may appear on this site. See below.

Third-party Content

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From time to time I make use of third-party images on this site. As far as possible I try to make use of images in the Public Domain or which have been licensed for re-use. These images will include an attribution and link to the source at time of publication, either in the image caption, or else in a footnote to the post. In most cases the image itself will also link back to the source page.

I also make use of copyrighted images in the context of book/film/television reviews and/or commentaries on pop-culture, public figures or current events. While it is not always possible or practical to obtain permission for using these images, I try my utmost to include proper attribution with these images and link them back to their source, or official website/IMDB/publisher/author page, as the case might be. I consider the use of these images to be fair use, but will remove any image if requested by the copyright owner.

Should you believe I am using or improperly attributing any image that belongs to you, please use the contact form below, referencing the post in which the violation occurs, to request removal of the image/provide the correct attribution.

Should an embedded video on this site violate your copyright, please contact the relevant service provider, e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, etc. directly, as I cannot take responsibility for content hosted on another site which I did not upload.

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Last Updated: 29 May 2016