On Exercising

I am ecstatic to report that it has been another good week.  I can’t remember when last I had felt this way.

For one, the Springboks annihilated the Wallabies in the rugby test yesterday.  Just kidding.  Not about the Springboks winning, but about it having any influence whatsoever on the state of my week.  I only found out there was a game hours after it happened – I’m not very big on sports.

I woke up last Saturday with a sore throat and by Monday I was still feeling a bit under the weather.  Added to that, when I weighed in on Monday I discovered I had gained even more weight since I started working out.  I very nearly did not get back on my exercise machine, but managed to convince myself.  It was torture, however.  I very nearly stopped early and felt like I was going to be sick when I finally did stop.

It did not go much better the rest of the week, but somehow I prevailed.  Then Friday came along.  I got on my machine and when my stopwatch beeped that I could stop now I didn’t want to.  I was breathing hard and my muscles were burning, but it felt good.  I kept going and ran about a kilometre farther than usual.  I wanted to go on even longer, but forced myself to stop – no sense in over-doing it.

I had planned to take weekends off, but yesterday I actually got fidgety when I didn’t work out.  It’s the first time I’ve felt this way about exercise.  I guess I’ve never stuck with it long enough to reach the point where it actually becomes fun, though I think I can get used to it.

As a result of the exercise I’ve also been feeling more energetic, I’ve been more able to focus on my reading for my degree and I feel more relaxed.  I honestly can’t imagine why more people don’t try this exercise-thing.

In other news, I’ve not heard anything about that job for which I applied, but then it is a church board that has to make the appointment so I really hadn’t expected to hear anything by now – church boards tend to take their time.  That hasn’t stopped me from keeping my phone on and close to me day and night, though (they might call me in the middle of the night to check if I’m able to be on call if someone needed urgent trauma counselling or something – you never know).

But I think I’ve talked enough nonsense for one day.

Coming up this week we’ll talk a bit about serial killers, we’ll revisit that eternal question of what is in a name and there will be a book review (and maybe a movie as well if I have time).  I leave you in the good hands of Adele with Rolling In The Deep, currently number 1 on my workout playlist – it’s that beat: once it gets me going I don’t want to stop.

Have a good one.