Featuring Karlboesman

You know those days when you’re constantly busy and find yourself exhausted by the evening, but you wouldn’t be able to tell someone what you did with your time if someone were holding a gun to your head?  Yeah.

As a result, I’m postponing this week’s Song Title Challenge to tomorrow as I simply don’t have the mental fortitude to deal with one of bumblepuppies’s hare-brained title-genre combinations (and lately he’s taken to ignoring my given genre options to suggest his own…I don’t think I’ve even ever read a Latvian folk tale.  How on Earth am I supposed to write one?!)

But I’m not leaving you empty-handed.  The Song Title Challenge originated on a blog started by our writing course class as a place to easily get feedback from each other on our work after the online forum for the course was shut down.  After a strong start it has become mostly inactive, but a few people still do a song title there once in a while to spark their creativity.

And so I want to introduce you to my good friend and fellow aspiring author, Karlboesman (who also sometimes dons a dress and attends romance conventions as Dame Barbara Cartland, or Damebabs to us).  He published three incredible stories this weekend which is most definitely worth reading.  Here they are:

Also check out The Capital in Chaos which was written by his nine-year-old daughter.  Clearly a chip off the old block.

Until tomorrow then 🙂