On Procrastination

So, it’s official:  I’m the world’s worst blogger.  I read in an article once about blogging that to have a successful blog, you have to do it every day.  I did it last in March, stopping after an incredible number of three posts.

 The problem is, I’m a champion procrastinator.  If there was an Olympic event for procrastinating, I’m pretty sure I’d take home the gold. I just have this ability to put things off until the last minute.  I tell myself I function better with a deadline looming, but really it’s just plain poor discipline and I just cause myself unnecessary stress.  I don’t even want to wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed because of this.  And it makes me a terrible blogger.

 It’s not as if I can say I’m too busy to write.  I’m really not.  In fact, I very much want to become a better writer, so blogging is a very good way to improve my skills and I have enough time every day to write at least something.  And I have more than enough stuff to write about, so that’s a lame excuse.  But still I procrastinate.

 I won’t bore you with other examples of how I put things off.  Suffice it to say that if I were to get into the habit of doing today’s work today, I’d probably get a lot more done.  If anyone has any advice on how to break this habit it would be much appreciated.

 At least I got a new mirror for the bathroom (in May!)

4 thoughts on “On Procrastination

  1. I am the queen of Procrastinationland, a small country between Kitchenetteland and Gardenville. I have little people looking up at me and following my every move. Sometimes they complain that I am a bad queen, but who wants to rule the world when you can sit on a very comfortable grey throne with a book?I read somewhere that blogging was like keeping a garden. Everyday you have to work the ground a bit. I last updated my blog in May. Have been suffering from writers block since then. That, and the keys on my ohone makes for a very difficult writing experience, and many, many spelling mistakes. I blame my computer for dying and Telkom for not fixing my internet.


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