On Procrastination

So, it’s official:  I’m the world’s worst blogger.  I read in an article once about blogging that to have a successful blog, you have to do it every day.  I did it last in March, stopping after an incredible number of three posts.

 The problem is, I’m a champion procrastinator.  If there was an Olympic event for procrastinating, I’m pretty sure I’d take home the gold. I just have this ability to put things off until the last minute.  I tell myself I function better with a deadline looming, but really it’s just plain poor discipline and I just cause myself unnecessary stress.  I don’t even want to wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed because of this.  And it makes me a terrible blogger.

 It’s not as if I can say I’m too busy to write.  I’m really not.  In fact, I very much want to become a better writer, so blogging is a very good way to improve my skills and I have enough time every day to write at least something.  And I have more than enough stuff to write about, so that’s a lame excuse.  But still I procrastinate.

 I won’t bore you with other examples of how I put things off.  Suffice it to say that if I were to get into the habit of doing today’s work today, I’d probably get a lot more done.  If anyone has any advice on how to break this habit it would be much appreciated.

 At least I got a new mirror for the bathroom (in May!)

4 thoughts on “On Procrastination

  1. En nou 'procrastinate' jy nog verder deur my nonsens te sit en lees. Nee, swaer. Daar's nie hoop vir ons nie. Jy sien immers hoe gereeld ek die ding ook update.

  2. I am the queen of Procrastinationland, a small country between Kitchenetteland and Gardenville. I have little people looking up at me and following my every move. Sometimes they complain that I am a bad queen, but who wants to rule the world when you can sit on a very comfortable grey throne with a book?I read somewhere that blogging was like keeping a garden. Everyday you have to work the ground a bit. I last updated my blog in May. Have been suffering from writers block since then. That, and the keys on my ohone makes for a very difficult writing experience, and many, many spelling mistakes. I blame my computer for dying and Telkom for not fixing my internet.

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