On vacation (still) Part III

Well, not really.  As you’re reading this we’re probably on the road, our vacation over.  Please, take a moment to shed a tear for us.  I understand – I feel the same way.  On the other hand, I believe one should head home while one’s still having fun, otherwise you end your vacation with a sour taste in your mouth.  While I’m avoiding potholes and engaging with fellow road users using the universal sign language developed for that purpose, enjoy these last few photos of our vacation.

Wilderness South Africa
The wife and the mother

On Thursday the rain stopped, so we hopped into the car and headed down the N2 highway to the seaside town of Wilderness.  Here you’ll find probably one of the most beautiful beaches along our coastline.  From where it starts against the mountains in this photo it stretches on for kilometres (miles) to the east.   All they way you also have a view of the mountains and forests when you look inland.  The top bridge in this photo is the N2 highway, also known as the Garden Route (guess why).  The bottom is a railroad bridge.  This is the railway along which the Knysna steam train used to run (as far as I can ascertain it no longer does as Spoornet (SA’s rail service provider) can’t afford crucial maintenance and repairs to the line, rather choosing to decommission one of the main tourist attractions in the region).

Rocky beach
Railway line disappearing into a tunnel in the distance
railway line
A close-up view of the railway line
Man sitting on rocks
Yours truly staring into the distance thinking deep thoughts.
Family playing cricket on the beach
A typical South African family playing cricket on the beach. If you don’t know what cricket is, you’re most likely American.
Jellyfish on the sand
A (jelly)fish out of water being munched on by snails. Nature can be cruel.
A stick. It’s art.

From Wilderness we made our way back, stopping at every little town along the way.  The coastline is riddled with coves and small bays and over time holiday homes and camping grounds have sprung up in each of them.  The first was Victoria Bay (named after Queen Victoria – the heritage of being a former British colony).

Stone pier at Victoria Bay
Stone pier at Victoria Bay
Tidal Pool
Much more courageous than me, this lot braved the freezing water and icy wind for a swim in the tide pool.

The next one was Herolds Bay.  At that point the wind was picking up again, so we did not go for a walk on the beach.  I did feel this house, built partially under the mountain, was worthy of preserving in a photo.

House built under mountain
A bit too grand for hobbitses, methinks, except maybe those Sackville-Bagginses

I wouldn’t mind living in any of these places, but I can only think how overcrowded they become in the summer months.  Still, just being here and experiencing the beauty of nature did me a wealth of good.

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  1. If you cropped that jellyfish pic just right, you could make an interesting custom header for your blog.

    I’m only half joking. The jellyfish doesn’t really match your “Hammer” title (although it would fit “random” perfectly) but the sand meshes well with the color scheme you’ve chosen. And jellyfish are interesting to look at.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Will try it once I’m home.

      Truth be told, I picked the title at random because I needed one and didn’t just want to go with kokkie’s blog. Been searching for a hammer pic but can’t find or take one I’m happy with. Guess a jellyfish can work. Pretty sure some people will be kept busy trying to figure out the link. 😉


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