On experiencing technical difficulties

I have a (I think) quite excellent blog post half-complete for today.  It has been half-complete for the past three hours.  That’s how long my pc has been habitually freezing the moment I try to do anything short of simply staring at the desktop.  I started up the laptop, but it’s doing the same thing.

Earlier today I made a rather negative comment (actually two) on a friend’s Facebook status regarding Microsoft.  I think they saw it and now they’re punishing me.  Either that or the last set of automatic updates were complete rubbish.  I’d run system restore to undo the last update, but then the computer freezes.  I’m pretty sure Microsoft is doing this on purpose.

Sadly, this means you won’t get to read that excellent post.  I’m typing this on an Android tablet, so should be safe from Microsoft interference, but it’s a very cheap tablet, so I can’t edit the pictures I was intending to include with the post.  Also, while I have a keyboard for the tablet it’s rather small and my hands are cramping up just from the few words written here.

So, I’m afraid you’ll have to be satisfied with this for now.  I’m running every scan I can think of that doesn’t make the computer freeze, so hopefully things will be back to normal by tomorrow.

In the meantime, be warned:  it’s not PRISM, Big Brother or even Santa Clause you should fear.  Rather, fear Microsoft.  They’re more powerful than you think!