On my job interview – a twitterventure

As you may or may not know, last night I had a job interview in another part of the country.  Because I was in a silly mood and wanted something to do while waiting for my flight to be called at the airport I decided to tweet the whole adventure.  In case you missed it on Twitter and Facebook, here it is for your enjoyment, now with added commentary and pictures (for some reason my picture tweets didn’t want to go through – captions with pictures are as I remember the original tweets, but probably not the same at all) and including replies on Twitter and Facebook.

Coffee and pastry
Yum! Looks positively bleak compared to yesterday’s (Sunday, my birthday) breakfast…
…which looked like this.

Let me explain:  the airport is 200km from my house, which normally means about two hours’ drive.  I had to be there at eight, so if I leave home at six it should be fine.  I left at four-thirty and arrived there at seven.  Had I left at five, half an hour later, I would have been there at nine, if I was lucky.  As it is I got through just ahead of the morning rush hour traffic.

Frankly, I’d also be suspicious of a large solid rectangular block if it showed up on the scanner.  Actually the security staff were quite friendly and they did not strip-search one person while I was there.

Jet engine through aircraft window
Though there really was something on the wing

Because I was off the air while I was in the air.  Get it?

To which Miss Tiffany replied on FB, “Yep, that just about sums it up.”  She recently crossed the Atlantic (twice), so she should know.  By the way, the “mind-numbing terror” is a joke.  It’s funny because of the juxtaposition with the word “relaxing”.

This was NOT tweeted while driving.  NEVER tweet or text while driving.  It’s not only incredibly stupid, but also dangerous and illegal.

Hyundai Atos
My wheels for the next two days

The Hyundai Atos.  I didn’t like it.  It had less legroom than my bakkie – even with the driver’s seat all the way back I couldn’t straighten my legs.  And the music on the radio sucked, though technically that’s not the car’s fault.

In case this one confused you, quickly read this before you continue.  The reply is a friend in Cape Town expressing surprise that I’m driving around in her area.  Sadly I didn’t have time to drop in for coffee.  She makes great coffee.

The only difference is I only drove for four hours instead of fourteen, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

The town is also very small.  The church is in Church Street and the school is in School Street.  And it isn’t on Google Streetview.  Here’s a picture from where I stayed:

Mountain View
I’ve always wanted to live in the mountains.
Jack Russel
The hostess at the guest house.

This gorgeous lady checked in on me every few minutes to see if I needed anything and when I returned from the interview escorted me from the parking area to my room.  Now that’s service.

You can go check out Emma’s blog here.

The meeting where the whole church board will sit to decide the appointment is only in October.  My poor nerves.  I think it went well, though.  I’m reasonably happy with my responses and their reactions…

…as long as I don’t overthink it.

I really don’t like that car.  I can’t even remember or spell its name right.

No, they didn’t give me a cavity search, but I did have to go through the metal detector twice.

And I don’t know if they give you a parachute first.

It always works like that, doesn’t it?  And the row in front of me was completely empty.  And my neighbours were assisted boarding passengers, so I got to disembark the plane last (I had the window seat).  At least they were nice.  The lady offered me sweets.

Seriously.  The baggage bin above my row had three walking sticks and one set of crutches.  In the three rows of which mine was the middle one there were four assisted boarding passengers.

I compromised and tweeted it.  Next time I’m doing it for real.

I can highly recommend this airline.  They usually hire comedians to do the in-flight announcements, though on today’s flight it seems a regular flight attendant did them.

Ford Ka
Hullo, Sexy. What? So the Doctor can call his TARDIS that, but I can’t call my car that?

I was really glad to see my own car again.  And thus began the final 200km back home.

17 thoughts on “On my job interview – a twitterventure

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      While I love the luxuries the city affords, like cinemas and theatres and restaurants and bookshops, I don’t like the atmosphere of cities, constantly rushing and rarely connecting with another person along the way. This town offers quiet and community and plenty of nature, and I can always buy books online 😉


    1. Thanks. I also don’t like waiting, but I’m good at compartmentalising, so it’s now been moved into a back drawer in my head. If I hear something, then great. If I don’t, at least I don’t constantly obsess about it. At least I try 😉


    1. Not to Cape Town, but a little village, pop 5000, about 160km north of Cape Town nestled in the mountains. It’s primarily a citrus farming community, and all the people I met were incredibly nice. It would be tough being so far from our folks, but we also hope I get it.


  1. Wow what an awesome adventure! I’m so annoyed I missed all your tweets when this was going on, so I’m glad you decided to put them on a blog post. 🙂 This really made me chuckle, especially the relaxation of flying part, lol.
    Good luck with hearing back from the job!

    P.S. I totally want your yellow car.


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