The Secret to a Great Life

I tend not to post things of an overtly religious nature here as I realise many of the people who follow this blog is not religious and may even be anti-religious and I don’t believe in shoving the Bible down people’s throats. But you’re a fool if you argue the Bible is irrelevant and has nothing to say to our modern society. This post by Matt Marino is a prime example and I think a suitable read for thanksgiving. And, like Matt, I point my finger at me first when I read this…the only time when you’re allowed to do that, I think.

the gospel side

Great Life Slide.002Snark Meter.005There is a secret. It will change your life. And once you know it, you will never forget it.

I first realized I was “that guy” in our neighborhood at my daughter’s pirate-themed fifth birthday party. I suspect many youth ministry people grow up to become “that guy.” This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. The years we spend active with teenagers develop a set of skills, that when exercised with small children, in particular, small children with overprotective parents, make us quite popular with those children and considerably less so with their parents.

We had recently moved from a street where we had the only children on the block to a neighborhood with at least 30 kids in our children’s age group. Much to our chagrin, every one of those kids and their keepers converged on our home for my daughter’s party-the parade from both directions was quite a…

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6 thoughts on “The Secret to a Great Life

    1. I thought so too. Please check out some of the other posts on Matt’s blog. Most of them are aimed at Christians, and specifically those in ministry, but every now and then he produces a gem that carries value for everyone, no matter their individual beliefs.


  1. Thanks KokkieH for the thought-provoking and inspirational reblog (not sure if I just made up that word) I really enjoyed it 🙂

    Congrats on reaching 46,000 words! I’m with you on a later writing time. Mine comes when I should be cooking dinner though, lol, so if I could adjust my internal clock, my life might be a bit smoother… Seriously though, It’s such a strange thing how inspiration can come so quickly sometimes and not at all at others.

    Anyway, good luck with wrapping the month up.


    1. Thanks. Yes, if one can only find a way to keep the muse close at all times (or at least summon her when needed). I wonder if Shakespeare ever got writer’s block.


    1. Thanks for the thought, and I do. My faith plays an important role in my life, and at times I will mention it here, but I didn’t start this blog to write about religion. While I’m happy to share my beliefs if someone asks I don’t believe in forcing it on others and I think getting involved in religious arguments are completely futile and misses the point.

      Yes, this has been a good week on the writing front. I’ve discovered my ideal writing time is between 11pm and 2am. The words just flow at that time of night. I’m a little afraid to go back and read it, though.


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