Song Title Challenge #26: God is a Popstar – Oomph!

As I tried to explain yesterday via the Android WordPress App, I had been suffering this weekend from an incredibly poor 3G signal making it impossible to access the internet.  The wife and I were temporary refugees seeking the safety of my in-laws’ house and I couldn’t get a decent signal there.  What’s so horrible that I consider my mother-in-law’s a place of safety, I hear you ask?  This is:

Campground with bikersOkay, so that doesn’t look terrifying, but imagine 7 000 bikers camping out fifty metres from your bedroom window and you’ll have the sleepless nights that made us flee to my in-laws’ to avoid.  (I consider it win-win:  mommy-in-law is a great cook.)

Now we’re back and I present this week’s Song Title Challenge, a day late.  For more info on the Song Title Challenge, how to take part and to suggest a title, click here.

I feel I have to warn you, this week’s story might upset some readers, so if you don’t really get farce or satire, or you firmly believe that those techniques should not be used where religion is concerned, do not read this week’s story as you will be offended.  (Honestly, I feel a bit uncomfortable with this story myself, but it’s what came out when I sat down to write, and this whole challenge is about experimenting, after all, and too severe self-censorship will stymie creativity.  I won’t be posting the music video, though.)

This week’s song is God is a Popstar by Oomph! and the genre is Fantasy/Sci-Fi.  Thanks to bumblepuppies for the suggestion and for once again expanding my musical horizons 😉

God is a Popstar

“Mind if I join you?”

It is a young man, his smile radiating enthusiasm.  He’s wearing a white button-up shirt and a black tie; archaic even by Earth standards and hardly the type of garb you’d expect on Jupiter Station 7.  He’s holding what seems to be a little black book…another oddity.  I nod to the empty seat next to me and he sits down.

“I’m Elder Jacob,” he says.

I introduce myself and comment on his unusual name.

He smiles.

“Actually, it’s my title.  God’s promoters are called elders.”

The confusion I feel must be visible on my face, for he continues, “God is a popstar.  He used to be Ruler of the Universe, but a bunch of scientists and philosophers got together and decided he wasn’t doing a good job, what with all the natural disasters and human suffering, and what-not.  He threw around a few lightning bolts at first, but then he realised the thunder made one killer drum solo.  And he has these two guys, Gabriel and Michael, who can shred a harp like no one’s business…”

I mention that harps are not exactly modern.

“No, it’s hardly traditional.  But you should hear them.  In fact…”  He hands over the little book.  I see it’s actually a mini-viewer cleverly disguised as a book.  “This is for you.  It contains the latest single, one play only, of course.  If you want to hear more you can use it to contact a deacon who will set you up with the full album or tickets for next weekend’s show on Ganymede.”

He gets up.

“Thank you for your time.  Hope to see you at the concert.”

He leaves.  I look at the single’s title.  Let there be Light, by God.  I plug in my ear phones and press play.

Copyright © 2013 Herman Kok

4 thoughts on “Song Title Challenge #26: God is a Popstar – Oomph!

  1. that’s a very interesting choice for the challenge, getting quite strange images in my head while reading the title already – like the way you solved the problem of the title in your story 🙂


    1. Thanks. I reckoned I could go one of two ways: interpret the title as literally as possible (which I did here), or use it as a sarcastic retort within a conversation. Given the genre, the former seemed more suitable.


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