On Christmas Presents

I love giving Christmas presents.  I love searching for that one thing that I know will make my loved one’s heart beat a little faster when he or she opens it.  I love wrapping them, already anticipating watching the reaction on their faces as they open it, the complete surprise mingled with profound satisfaction at getting something they truly appreciate.

Finding those gifts aren’t easy, though, as it requires one knowing the gift recipient very well along with actually finding the gift itself, which usually involves more than a fair amount of luck and the appropriate budgetary allowances.  With the wife, at least, I have an unbroken record thus far of gifts that either make her squeal with delight or stare at me in dumbfounded silence each year.  That makes me feel good.

When it comes to receiving gifts I seldom feel the same.  Please understand, I appreciate the gifts I receive.  Even if I know the person is only giving something because they feel it’s expected of them, I’m glad they cared enough to take the trouble and the expense.  But I rarely receive a gift that tells me the giver truly knows me and what makes me tick and took the time to search for the perfect present – not everyone is as enthusiastic about giving presents as I am and I understand that.

However, this year was a pleasant exception.  The two most important ladies in my life were spot-on with their gift ideas, even if one of them made the choice based upon the gift itself rather than on what she thought I would like.

Wood and leather bellows
Yep. That’s a bellows.

The daughter of a friend of the mother makes these, among other leather products, and when my mom saw this she immediately ordered one for me.  It was a good call.  I love old stuff.  I’ve posted a picture of my antique wall clock (covered in tinsel for the festive season).  I’ve mentioned my replica antique telescope and ship’s compass.  My header image is an antique hammer.  I have a quite large collection of old books, furniture and all manner of knick-knack and vintage machinery.  A handmade bellows was a perfect addition.  Sure, it’s not old, but it looks old, and that’s what counts.  That it has my name on it is simply a bonus.

Star Wars Box Set
A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Away…

A futuristic space movie might seem in stark contrast to replica blacksmith’s equipment, but then the original trilogy was made over thirty years ago, so I reckon it qualifies as old.  It was also the wife’s gift to me and it had me positively giddy.  I hadn’t seen the original Star Wars trilogy in ages and had been bemoaning the fact to my beloved recently.  Apparently she took it as a hint and I couldn’t be happier.  Thus far we’ve only watched Episode IV – I’m pacing myself so it will last a while.  Of course my OCD will now require me to buy episodes I – III as well as the new trilogy when it comes out, but I suppose that’s the price we pay for being a little crazy 😉

I also got a couple of Hanayama cast puzzles which have been boggling my mind since Christmas Eve, so all in all a pretty good haul this year.

Did you get anything interesting in your stocking?  Something unexpected?  Was anything you gave received with more or less enthusiasm than you had hoped for?  Do tell.

7 thoughts on “On Christmas Presents

  1. I got what I expected to get for the most part and the reactions to my gifts were pretty predictable.

    On the day after Christmas, I got to do the Drive to a Hospital in the Middle of Nowhere. I was greeted by an old friend who was more anesthetized than expected… which is not a bad thing for someone coming off of surgery. Fa la la la la, la la la la.


  2. well, wakling around and searching lovely stuff for a christmas packet – and then get a bank note in return wasn’t quite the success for me. But surprisingly getting a jewellry – in my favourite colours – from another person made my days 🙂 The gifts you got are really nice, shows your folks care a lot!


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