My GRL Blog Tour Volunteer Recognition – Herman Kok

An interesting look at my blog through someone else’s eyes. While you’re there, be sure to check out John’s new book.

Fiction Favorites


I want to thank Herman Kok for helping with the My GRL launch. He has a blog If All Else Fails Use a Hammerwhich has a sub-text of An Exercise in Percussive Maintenance. So what does all that mean? A visit to his blog quickly explains under the About Hammers tab: “Percussive maintenance is the fine art of bludgeoning an electronic device in order to encourage it to work properly (Urban Dictionary).”  Herman further explains: “So this is me whacking stuff (and sometimes just myself) with a verbal hammer.”

A visit to the blog is like going to a multi-faceted, talented, and sumptuous buffet of words and ideas. More words from Herman about this:   If you’re looking for a single-subject blog you’re in the wrong place.  “While I aim to mostly write fiction and book-related posts, you’ll also get photography, philosophy, recipes and social commentary (which shouldn’t…

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8 thoughts on “My GRL Blog Tour Volunteer Recognition – Herman Kok

    1. Haha! I just tweaked the layout of the word doc you provided a bit and used a bigger cover image and author photo I grabbed off your blog. Have I ever mentioned I’m just the tiniest bit obsessive-compulsive? I feel uneasy if all posts on my blog don’t look similar in general layout 😉


      1. You jest. My Twitter and Facebook widgets aren’t showing my side. I took it to the forums, but other people can apparently see them fine. It’s just me who can’t see them. Driving me bonkers.


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