A PTX Valentine

As explained yesterday, I don’t really have time to write at the moment.  It’s a madness of packing and getting everything ready for the camp that starts early tomorrow morning.  But I can hardly leave you with nothing on Valentine’s Day.

So, here’s the latest video by Pentatonix, made especially for Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “A PTX Valentine

  1. My wife and I, between us, managed to forget Valentine’s day. I actually had it in my mind that it was 17 February for some reason (a stupid conflation, probably, with St Patrick’s Day in March).


    1. It’s not a very big deal in our household either. However, I do try to make our anniversary special each year. Makes much more sense to celebrate a day with personal significance than one arbitrarily declared by Hallmark and the Roman Catholic Church 😉


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