On another workshop

Goodness!  I seem to be doing a lot of these things lately.  But that’s what one does if one wants to become competent in a certain field, isn’t it?  Train, train, and train some more.

This time round I’m doing an advanced workshop in clinical pastoral counselling.  For the practical component we’re working in a hospital with intensive care and terminal patients, which is daunting to say the least.  I’m writing this over the weekend, and by the time you’re reading this I’m already more than halfway with the workshop, so hope with me that I’m still holding up okay.  These things tend to be emotionally draining.

I’m pretty sure by now I just can’t wait for tomorrow so I can get back to my wife and my home, though the thought of navigating the Easter weekend traffic in the most densely populated hundred-and-fifty kilometres of South Africa is already giving me a headache as I write this post.

Oh, well.  At least there’s nothing planned for the long weekend.  I probably need to try to catch up with my writing for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I’m so far behind now…I think I’ll try again in June.  And there’s my actual studies also still crying out for some attention.  It just never ends, does it?

4 thoughts on “On another workshop

    1. That’s interesting. In nursing? Or in a therapeutic capacity? We did not have that much patient contact and we had evaluation and reflection sessions after each round of ward visits which rather helped in making those visits less draining. It didn’t help in making the course itself less exhausting, though, but I’m so motivated by everything I’d learned… I feel excited about my studies for the first time since I’d started them and actually think I’ve figured out my research topic. I honestly can’t wait for the long weekend to pass so I can contact my lecturer (whom I’ve been avoiding of late) and discuss it with him. So all in all a very rewarding week 🙂


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