If all else fails…build a puppet

Or two.

The girl-puppet was simple enough:

Girl puppet

But for her brother I wanted a specific hairstyle and had no idea how to achieve said hairstyle. They say necessity breeds invention, and so the wife suggested we make a tapestry, like this:

Canvas work tapestry
Yes, I know this is actually called canvas work, but in South Africa it’s considered a type of tapestry.

I spent more time making the hair for one puppet than the total time the wife and I spent assembling them both, but I’m so happy with the end result, the new method for making hair is becoming part of the permanent toolbox:

Boy puppet

It was tough letting these two go for adoption, but I know their new mom will take very good care of them and they’ll bring hours of pleasure to the children she works with every day. That’s why we do this, after all.

5 thoughts on “If all else fails…build a puppet

      1. Yeah. Bumblepuppies is trying to convince me to do another Song Title Challenge. I’m trying to ignore him, but I’ve a feeling I might just give in 😀


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