Happy birthday, Sir Terry

Today Terry Pratchett would have been sixty-seven years old.

GNU Terry Pratchett

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Sir Terry

  1. I can’t believe he’s gone, you know! And I really must get reading. I found my copy of ‘Long Earth’ the other day (my personal library is organised on the “randomly find space in shelf/space in a box in the shed/chaos” principle) – and need to track down a lot of the Discworld series.


    1. My bookshelves are organised pretty well, by author, genre and language, but they’re getting full. I was looking at it over the weekend thinking I should purge the books I’m really never going to read again, but getting rid of books just feels so wrong.

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    1. Of his early children’s books I’ve only read The Carpet People and Truckers. Never been able to get a hold of the others. I’m busy with Hogfather myself. It’s not one of my favourites, though, and my least favourite Death novel.


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