On Squishy, and other updates

I’ve been quiet, I know. It’s this new job, you see? I’m working hard. Harder than I should, in fact. But I’m enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed any job this much.

That does freak me out just a little, as it’s not the career I chose for myself, or ever thought I would choose. But aside from a brief bout of imposter syndrome, I haven’t regretted my choice for a moment. I get to work with incredible people on something that makes a difference in the lives of many people.

And sure, it’s not the kind of difference I thought I’d be making in people’s lives, but giving people a voice, a place to express their thoughts, be it a recipe they like or an opinion that has the power to change the world, feels like a worthwhile thing to me.

The job does have one unfortunate side effect: I spend all day looking at people’s blogs, so by the time I sign out of work in the evenings I don’t feel like reading or writing any blogs myself. In fact, I don’t feel like touching a computer at all, so Facebook and Twitter also sees very little of me.

As I start to find balance between work and other stuff I’m sure this will improve, but for now please excuse me if the updates are few and far between.


Squishy is doing very well. The wife and I went for a proper sonar last week where they weighed and measured the little parasite (83 grams and 78mm – about the size of my thumb from base to tip) and we got to see inside Squishy’s brain and heart and even had a brief glimpe of a face (technically it was the front of the skull, but I don’t want it to sound like a  horror film). It’s amazing what we’re able to do with technology these days, isn’t it?

I’m happy to report that Squishy is in perfect health, with every measurement comfortably within normal range and no apparent defects. Mom also appears to be past the worst as far as the nausea goes, though she’s taking many more naps than usual. Making a whole new human is hard work.


Tweety blew another headlamp. If you recall, last time that necessitated me removing a wheel to replace the bulb – the joy of compact cars. Luckily this time it was on the other side where there isn’t a battery in the way, so I was able to reach in three fingers from the top and replace it that way.

I think next time this happens it will be easier to just sell the car.


My New Year’s resolution was to get some more variety in my reading habits. At first I only said I wanted to read more non-fiction, but thinking about it I decided to try and vary my fiction reading as well. There’s nothing wrong with Jim Butcher and Terry Pratchett, but there is more to read out there.

To that end, I’ve been reading Alan Paton’s Cry, The Beloved Country this January. It’s been slow going, as Paton has a unique and somewhat archaic style (it was written in 1948, after all), and the subject matter is not easy to deal with either. It follows the journey of a black priest to find his son in the early years of Apartheid in South Africe, before it was even called that.

I’ve also been allowing work to cut into my reading time. Yes. I enjoy my job that much.


I’m happy report that I’m consistently writing a few thousand words a day. In reply to emails, chats and tweets. Dreams of becoming a novelist have taken a backseat for now, along with many other stuff, but a new story is brewing again.

First draft attempt… Shoot! I’ve lost count.

The river

While the Northern Hemisphere is being battered by floods and storms, South Africa has been experiencing our worst drought in over 30 years with the taps actually running dry in some towns. For the past two weeks rain has started falling in many of the drought-stricken areas, and as I’m writing this another promising storm is building up above.

The river hasn’t flooded in a couple of years, so we’re due for a flood. But given how desperately we need the rain this year I really don’t mind.

I still haven’t bought a boat, though…

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9 thoughts on “On Squishy, and other updates

  1. Here’s the thing: when life outside of a blog becomes busy and absorbing, that’s when life becomes your blog. Enjoying what you’re doing and finding it fulfilling are the important things.


  2. That’s normal with a new job. Man, everyone seems to be making mini versions of themselves these days. Guess you’re part of that trend now 😉 Congratulations to both you and your wife.


  3. Glad to hear you all are doing well despite the drought and that Squishy is healthy. Lol, I can’t type Squishy without chuckling a bit at the name. It’s amazing bringing a new life into the world. All the best.
    Hopefully Tweety doesn’t have any more hiccups.


    1. When we announced Squishy as the working title for this project my sister and step-sister caught on immediately. For the rest of the family we had to send a gif, and some of them still don’t understand.

      Amazing doesn’t begin to cover it. Apparently at this point Squishy can already voluntarily wiggle fingers and toes, internal organs are fully functional, and the entire body is covered in hair for warmth. Apparently it can get chilly inside an incubator that is kept at a constant 37.5ºC

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