For the birds, mostly

As mentioned last time, I’ve been neglecting this site something terrible lately. So I can see only one course of action…

Which was to start another blog, of course 😀

But seriously, I’ve long toyed with the idea of getting a self-hosted WordPress site out there as a way to learn more about the Core version of the software that powers So with no further ado I give you:

For the birds (mostly)

(At this point I feel I should apologise for the boring text link. My graphic designer (aka Mrs Kok) has been missing one deadline after another on the artwork for this new site, so I’ll need to publish another post for the artwork reveal when that time comes. Actually, that means I’ll have something else to post about here on if all else fails… Should buy the missus some flowers to say thanks XD )

I’ve shared some of my amateur photography here in the past, but For the birds (mostly) is a pure photography site where I hope to post new pics at least once a week. As it’s early days you might see a few I’ve shared here already, but going forward it should be all-original.

If it sounds like something that might interest you go on and check it out. Copy the URL into your Reader, here, or click the menu button to subscribe via email so you don’t miss an update.

Thanks for looking!

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