Hello, dark roast, my old friend

I’ve been up since 3AM because my stupid brain decided it didn’t want to sleep any more, so this is my anthem today. (I agree with the comments – that first line was a missed opportunity…)

And now that you’ve had a nice laugh…

Holy Simon and Garfunkel, Batman. That’s probably the most amazing cover version of a song, ever!

4 thoughts on “Hello, dark roast, my old friend

  1. If you can’t get enough of the noise of coffee shops, check out MyNoise’s “The Ultimate Cafe Restaurant Background Noise Generator”. Open 24/7. 🙂 They’re also on Spotify.

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    1. On the rare occasion I work in a coffee shop, I usually have noise-cancelling headphones on XD

      For me it’s about the bottomless supply of pure caffeine, more than the ambience ;P

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      1. Bottomless? That’s a phrase that I haven’t heard since the 1970s in the US Midwest, mostly at an all day breakfast restaurant. 😁


      2. Oh, yeah. We have a coffee shop chain (Starbucks tried, and failed, to become competition for them) that has both bottomless filter coffee and ginger ale. And they serve the most amazing cakes, sweet muffins as big as both my fists together…now I’m getting hungry.

        Haven’t been there since the pandemic began, though. It’s in the mall, and feels crowded even with all the social distancing regulations in place, so I’m not comfortable going there to work at this point.

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