I suppose by now everyone has heard the news that has the interwebs abuzz:  Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who after the Christmas Special later this year.

Dr Who Matt Smith
No! It can’t be true!

Yes.  It’s true.  The BBC confirmed it yesterday, after announcing some weeks ago that he was confirmed to star in season 8.  Guess we can’t trust them 😉

Judging by the comments on fan pages on Facebook people are not taking it well.  Nor is my wife.  She was shattered when Eccleston left after just one season, but Tenant quickly grew on her, as he did on just about everyone else.  We cried along with the rest of the world as the Tenth Doctor said, “I don’t want to go,” and did not think all that much of this weird guy who looked as if he hadn’t even started shaving yet who rock-climbed out of a crashed TARDIS.

But then came that moment none will ever be able to forget; the moment a new culinary combination was introduced to the world.  Yes, I’m talking about fish fingers and custard.  And if there were still any doubt, when he called back the Atraxi just to boot them off the planet I knew this was going to be an interesting Doctor.  And the online consensus seems to be just that: the man who brought bow-ties, fezzes and saying “Geronimo” back into fashion will be missed.

But I’m not really sad.  It is, after all, in the nature of the Doctor to change.  A new actor will bring a new dynamic to the role, along with new catch-phrases and a new signature outfit.  I say bring it on.  My only wish is that they’ll cast a decent actor to take over the role.

Rupert GrineSo, on the slim chance that Steven Moffat might read this, I’d like to put forward my nominations for the role:

I think Rupert Grint could make a great doctor.  Not only is he a great actor, it would also mean the Doctor is finally a ginger.  And it would stick to the trend that the Doctor seems to be getting younger with each regeneration.  It would also be the second Doctor that is also played by a former cast member from Harry Potter.

Alan RickmanThe second option is Alan Rickman.  Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve never thought of him as the Doctor.  But since I saw his name suggested on a fan page this morning the idea is sounding more and more appealing.  I think the man who played Severus Snape and Marvin the depressed android can make a truly excellent Doctor.  At 67 years old one has to ask whether he’ll be able to keep up with all the running, though.  But with his natural talent for sarcasm and his very dry humour he can be an entertaining Doctor indeed.  I can just see those Daleks clamouring to get away.

Other names I’ve seen mentioned are Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  I won’t be disappointed at all if they cast Cumberbatch but I don’t think Freeman would be the right person for the role.  He makes an excellent “reluctant hero” (like Bilbo Baggins or Arthur Dent), but I just don’t see him as a Time Lord.

There are some calls for an unknown actor to take the part, which I’ll be happy with as long as it’s someone who can act.  As for the calls for a female Doctor?  I say rather bring back Jenny (remember The Doctor’s Daughter?) if you want a female Time Lord and leave the Doctor a bloke.

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