Car troubles

At 7 this morning I settled down to work, still in my jammies as it’s winter now, I work at home, and it’s easier to go shower once it has heated up a bit.  Around quarter past my wife left for school.  A few minutes later she calls me from our building’s parking area downstairs.  Her car has a flat tyre.

flat tyre

I grab my car keys and head down, thinking she could take my car and I’ll change the tyre and take it in to have fixed once I am dressed.  I put my key into the ignition and turn.  Nothing.  Not even a click.  Battery is dead, deceased, it’s spark snuffed out.  My car does that in winter.  It doesn’t help that I don’t drive it that regularly, preferring to walk if I need something from the shops.

I get out the jumper cables.  Our parking spaces are behind each other, so my wife backs out and I push my car out as well and manoeuvre it next to hers so I can connect the cables.  Turns out the battery is too flat even for jumper cables.

Eventually, realising she’s now later than she would have been had I just changed the tyre from the start, I got the jack and spare tyre out of the trunk and changed the tyre.  It was -1 degrees Celsius.  I was in my robe and slippers.  Without gloves.  At one point I feared my hands will freeze onto the lug wrench.

Now I’m waiting for her to come home so I can take her car in search of a battery charger.  Then I’ll need to get my car going so I can get it back up the driveway into my parking space (at present it’s partially blocking the gate to our parking area) where I’ll leave it to recharge.

Not really any deeper point to this post.  Just thought I’d share it with you.

P.S.  While searching for a picture for this post I found an inordinate amount of pictures of women in skimpy outfits changing tyres while in very impractical positions.  Why?  Just, why?

9 thoughts on “Car troubles

  1. Your comment aobut searching for an appropriate picture had me almost snorting coffee into my nose. xD Sorry about the car trouble, but than you for making me smile. 🙂


  2. Why is it when things like this happen it’s always during the worst weather? Sorry to hear about that!
    The comment about finding all those pictures of women in skimpy outfits changing tires made me laugh – why indeed? I’ve never understand why there are so many pictures of women so scantily clad doing things like that – it doesn’t make sense and it surely isn’t practical.


    1. It could have been worse. My wife’s car once died in rush hour, on the road they diverted all the traffic due to a tunnel closure, in the middle of a severe storm. At least today it was sunshine (though the sun wasn’t completely up yet 😉 )


  3. A comedy of fails here 🙂 it always happens like this doesn’t it. At least you got to head back inside to a nice hot cup of coffee. As to the skimpily dressed women changing tires…I can only imagine people are trying to increase the appeal of this endlessly irritating job?


    1. I got to head back inside, yes, but I still haven’t warmed up and it’s already 2pm here. I don’t know about increasing the appeal. It remains one of my least favourite car-related activities, but luckily one I don’t have to do often.


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