On a great blogging day

I don’t know about you, but yesterday was the most fun I’ve had here since I started blogging.  The response to my post on spam-likers was simply amazing.  Nothing near “Freshly Pressed” standards, of course, but apparently I touched a nerve. There was conversation.  There were likes.  I had my first spoof-post based on one of mine (thanks, Daniel 😉  ) and I got one-hundred-and-one views in one day – first time ever!  Thanks to everyone who joined the party

I’m also psyched about two new followers (yeah, I celebrate the little things – it’s important).  Welcome to The Dancing Writer and The Parasite Guy (excellent names, by the way).  I hope you enjoy it here.

(Okay, I actually got four new followers, but two were the very type of spam followers I was discussing in my post – ironic, huh?  I was really a bit amused at one’s page:  he writes on his “About-page” that he is twenty-two years old.  Then he writes that for the majority of his life he had been doing what most people do, namely going to school and getting a job.  I don’t know if you can use the phrase, “majority of my life” if you’ve only been out of high school for four years, but I digress.)

And what with reading their blogs, and looking up commenters and likers I discovered a few promising blogs for me to follow as well.

Of course, now I feel like a total hypocrite every time I press “Follow” or “Like”.  Oh, the joys of living in my head 😛

Update:  A moment ago I got my fiftieth follower on WordPress.  And while a number of them are spam-followers, I still like the round number and the little trophy in the notifications, so I’m bragging about it (yeah, today’s all about me 😉  ).  Thanks to Ann from Mind Over Coffee for helping me reach this goal.

5 thoughts on “On a great blogging day

    1. But that’s including my Twitter followers, none of whom I think actually read the blog (stats page never shows referrals from Twitter). The 50 is specifically people who follow on WordPress.com. Was actually thinking of removing that from the widget 😉 Still, thanks!


  1. This: “Of course, now I feel like a total hypocrite every time I press “Follow” or “Like”. Oh, the joys of living in my head.”

    And you’re welcome. And thank you. I had great fun writing that post. 😉


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