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On Spam – A History

On Spam – A History

I would like to welcome four new spam-followers to If all else fails…use a hammer.  They joined yesterday and, while I know they won’t be reading any of my posts, at least they’re helping me towards my milestone of 100 followers, so good for them.

But that made me think, I haven’t written about spam in ages.  To remedy that serious oversight I give you,

A Brief History of Spam

It all started with this guy:


Hang on!  Sorry.  I meant THIS guy: Continue reading “On Spam – A History”

On a great blogging day

I don’t know about you, but yesterday was the most fun I’ve had here since I started blogging.  The response to my post on spam-likers was simply amazing.  Nothing near “Freshly Pressed” standards, of course, but apparently I touched a nerve. There was conversation.  There were likes.  I had my first spoof-post based on one of mine (thanks, Daniel 😉  ) and I got one-hundred-and-one views in one day – first time ever!  Thanks to everyone who joined the party

I’m also psyched about two new followers (yeah, I celebrate the little things – it’s important).  Welcome to The Dancing Writer and The Parasite Guy (excellent names, by the way).  I hope you enjoy it here.

(Okay, I actually got four new followers, but two were the very type of spam followers I was discussing in my post – ironic, huh?  I was really a bit amused at one’s page:  he writes on his “About-page” that he is twenty-two years old.  Then he writes that for the majority of his life he had been doing what most people do, namely going to school and getting a job.  I don’t know if you can use the phrase, “majority of my life” if you’ve only been out of high school for four years, but I digress.)

And what with reading their blogs, and looking up commenters and likers I discovered a few promising blogs for me to follow as well.

Of course, now I feel like a total hypocrite every time I press “Follow” or “Like”.  Oh, the joys of living in my head 😛

Update:  A moment ago I got my fiftieth follower on WordPress.  And while a number of them are spam-followers, I still like the round number and the little trophy in the notifications, so I’m bragging about it (yeah, today’s all about me 😉  ).  Thanks to Ann from Mind Over Coffee for helping me reach this goal.

The Blogger Who Spam-“Liked” Me

As a rule I don’t reblog others’ posts, never mind two in one day, but this is such an excellent response to my post of this morning. Do yourself a favour and check out this blog.


Inspired by “On a Different Type of Spam” by Herman Kok (kokkieh).

[8:03 AM]

Look! I have just posted a photo on my blog, of Lord Chubbington dancing on a string. Isn’t he adorable?


OK, it’s time to engage in some meaningful blog marketing and get people—a lot of people—to see Lord Chubbington. You see, the best way to do this is on the WordPress Reader, which is perhaps the most ingenious invention in the history of blogging, like, ever. I simply have to type the topic—“humor,” in my case, but feel free to type anything you feel like “reading”—in the search box, hit enter, and voìla!

See that “Like” button underneath every post? That’s my secret weapon. Although, if you’re reading this, I guess it’s no secret anymore.

First post. Click. Second post. Click. Third post. Click. Clickety-click-click.

Phew. Fifty-seven posts…

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On a different type of spam

Since I’ve started posting on a regular basis I have really seen my followers grow in numbers.  Nothing viral, mind you, but I’m quite happy with the growth at present.  Thanks for everyone who’s following.  I hope I don’t disappoint 😉

However, I have noticed two trends that I don’t particularly like.  The first is spam-liking.  What’s this, you ask?  Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get likes on a post, but if you go to the stats page, there are no views registered? Continue reading “On a different type of spam”