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The State of The Minion

The State of The Minion

A couple weeks ago our president delivered his State of the Nation address. It was sad. I’m not going to write about that.

I’ll much rather write about the State of The Minion. Squishy is called The Minion now. First, because she’s becoming less squishy every day, and second because she speaks fluent Minion. And third, I’ve decided to pursue a career in arch-villainy, and given the quality of minions available on the open market these days, one can’t start training them early enough. If she’s to inherit my evil empire one day, the sooner she starts learning the family business, the better. Haha! HaHaHa!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

What was I talking about again? Oh, yes. The Minion.

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Parenting 101 – 10 Tips For New Dads (<em>It’s mostly about poo</em>)

Parenting 101 – 10 Tips For New Dads (It’s mostly about poo)

Having been a dad for just over a week now I thought I’d share some of the wisdom I’ve acquired on poo raising babies, just in case it can help another soon-to-be-dad to navigate the poo new little human in his house. The faint of heart (meaning 95% of men reading this) might want to stop here…

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As ready as we can be

As ready as we can be

Tomorrow I get to bring my girls home.

The past three days I’ve mostly spent at the hospital, helping with Elizabeth while my wife still has limited mobility after her surgery. I even have my first diaper assist under my belt (I actually went for one solo, but it turned out to be a false alarm that time).

It’s been tough leaving them there in the evenings, but I used the time at home to complete changing my wife’s work room into Elizabeth’s new room. I’ve mentioned before that she’s getting a pair of crafty parents, and the wife did not disappoint (all credit to her on what follows – I just did the heavy lifting).

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