Song Title Challenge #8: Meine Ex(plodierte) Freundin – Die Aerzte

It’s time for this week’s Song Title Challenge.

Write a short piece of fiction, around 300 words, using the song title as your story title but don’t listen to the song.  Remember to link back to this post so I can find yours.

If you would like to suggest a song title for a future post, you can do so from the challenge page.  You can also leave a suggestion on the Facebook page.

This week’s song is Meine Ex(plodierte) Freundin by Die Aerzte.  The title translates as “My ex(ploded) girlfriend”.  I had fun with this one, as I hope you can tell from my attempt.  Thanks to Bumblepuppies for the suggestion and thanks to Google Translate for help with the German words and phrases used.

Meine Explodierte Freundin

Guten Tag.  Come in, come in.  Willkommen in meine house.  May I offer you a drink?  Some coffee, perhaps?  Nein?  Das ist gut.

You want to hear the tale about meine explodierte Freundin, ja?  About how my girlfriend exploded?  Tragic accident.

We were both scientists, ja?  Top secret work, understand.  Very hush-hush.  We were working on Stofftransport…teleportation.  That Dummkopf, Einstein, said it couldn’t be done.  We showed him, Greta and I.

We were making progress and were already able to teleport mice across the room; some even survived.  But it was taking so much energy!  The ganze base went dark each time we attempted the experiment und the Kommandant threatened to pull the plug on us.  See what I did there?  Pull the plug.  English is so wunderbar with all its Wortspiel…erm…puns, ja?

Auf alle Fälle, we had to solve the energy-problem first.  The obvious solution was nuclear power, but it would take years to build a reactor, never mind all the politics involved.  Then it hit me.  We were on a military base, ja?  Many explosives around.  Do you know how much energy is in eine stick of Dynamit?  Und most of it wasted in heat and light.  If I could harness the explosion…

I immediately fetched some TNT from one of the old bunkers.  Im Nachhinein I should probably have checked the expiry dates.  Greta didn’t have a chance.  She was alone in the lab when, KABOOM!  Und with all our research.

After that they gave me this nice house to live in with the nicest people to take care of me.  Do you know, there’s a whole room here with walls, ceiling, floor, all made from pillows?  What will they think of next?

What?  You have to go?  Well, thanks for visiting.  Auf wiedersehen.  Come again.

Copyright © 2013 Herman Kok

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    1. I found a translation, yes. It was…interesting. My connection’s a bit slow at present (3G), but I’ll be searching for the music video on Youtube as well.


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