Some pictures of puppets

Mere weeks after our previous puppet we got to make another one.  Here she is.

Mom puppet

This is our standard design for a mom-puppet.  We made her for a friend who’s a youth pastor.

Want to see some more?

Grandpa puppetThis is a grandpa-puppet we made for the same friend.  In case you were wondering, I made the glasses myself.  (I told you I’m multi-talented.)

Puppet boy and girlI call these two the twins.  Standard boy & girl designs, usually only made for people who don’t really know what they want.

Dad puppetThis one’s a dad-puppet.  I instantly fell in love with this guy’s face when I saw it.  It was tough letting him go.

Bad guy puppetWe made a full set of family puppets for a social work organisation to use for educational skits with their kids, so obviously there also had to be a bad guy to use to warn the kids against drugs and stranger-danger and the like.

Just so you know, the hair and goatee is faux fur which I dyed black.  Faux fur is basically plastic, so regular hair and fabric dyes don’t take on it.  I dyed it with black marker ink dissolved in alcohol.  Sadly, the ability to dye faux fur is not a marketable skill, nor is the ability to make glasses out of wire.

Next time, I’ll show you our own puppets.

Have a good one.

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  1. You need to start posting these puppet pics with an education tag. I know a lot of teachers (younger age students) who would love to seeing these… especially since you already explained how to make them.


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