We interrupt our regular programming for this special update

Shortly after my last post the notification area lit up with a cute little trophy and when I clicked on it I got this:


Yes, dear readers, I have reached one hundred followers.  Granted, some of them are not readers, but just spam-followers.  Still, this is considered a milestone in blogland and I appreciate having reached it.  Thanks to those who are following who actually do read what I write.  This blog wouldn’t be the same without you.  And a special word of welcome to the follower who pushed me over the mark, number 100, Steven Fox from SFoxWriting.  I hope you enjoy it here.

Let me also take this moment to announce that this site will be undergoing some construction over the next couple of days.  Some of the pages will be temporarily down and the overall appearance is going to change a few times as I experiment with a new look.  Everything should be back to normal by Sunday.

Have a terrific weekend.

10 thoughts on “We interrupt our regular programming for this special update

      1. Actually it’s quite strange. We’ve had an incredibly mild winter and this past week have had daytime temperatures of up to 32 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile in Cape Town, 1200 km south, there’s wide scale flooding and snow on Table Mountain – it never snows on Table Mountain as it’s not high enough. The cold should hit us tomorrow, but I’m honestly no longer sure which season it is. Still planning to eat ice cream, though 😉


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