On Ageing (not Maya Angelou’s poem)

On Ageing (not Maya Angelou’s poem)

Woe is me.  I am finished, done for, kaput, klaar!  It seems like only a month ago that I was celebrating life and revelling in my youthful vigour, even as I watched my Beloved descend into the vale of years, but alas, no more.  Time has finally caught up with me, has sunk its claws into my flesh and will not let go, as today I join my Dearest at the ripe old age of thirty-two.

Even as I sit writing this I can feel the strength being sapped from my limbs and my senses growing dull.  My faculties are slipping and my…what’s the word…mer…men…mem…memory is no longer what it used to be.  I’ve already discovered one grey hair and I just want to nap all the time.

They say age brings perspective, and consequently I have some wisdom to share with you young’uns reading this.  It is too late for me, but you still have time to make the most of your life.  Don’t waste your life away glued to a chair and your hands tied to the keyboard.  Get up (once you’ve done reading this, of course) and go outside and DO SOMETHING.

Learn a new language or do a degree in Maths while your neurons are still flexible enough to handle it.  Start training for a marathon, go climb a mountain, jump out of airplane, before your bones become brittle, your arteries calcify, your muscles shrivel up and your joints seize up.  While you can still conceive new ideas, write a book, learn an instrument, solve world hunger.

But whatever you do, don’t waste your time.  Old age creeps up on you while you’re not looking, and before you know it, your time has also come.  Do not waste another moment.  Use every second to the fullest, for there are only so many of them.

Okay, so now that that silliness is over and done with, here’s some highlights of my day thus far:

This morning the wife treated me with a special birthday breakfast.  Main feature of the meal was these:

Egg and bacon cupcake
An egg-cupcake, covered in cheese and wrapped in bacon. A.k.a. breakfast heaven

I’m afraid my cell phone did not do the picture justice.  This is egg, baked in the shape of a cupcake, covered with melted cheese and wrapped in bacon.  Trust me, it’s as good as it sounds.  Add some toasted baguettes with apricot jam and freshly squeezed orange juice and top it all off with fresh filter coffee and strawberries and you have the perfect start to the day.

Google birthday doodle
My very own Google Doodle

When I opened Google this morning to get directions to the guest house I’m staying after my interview tomorrow I saw this Google Doodle.  When I moved my mouse pointer over it I got a personalised birthday message.  I know Google does this for all users who are logged in when they use the search engine, but it did make me feel a bit special.

But the absolute highlight was this:

Mini-TARDIS cake
My own mini-TARDIS cake. Unfortunately it wasn’t bigger on the inside. I checked.

My wife made me my very own TARDIS.  It’s just a Twinkie covered in fondant icing, but it is without a doubt the best birthday cake I’ve ever had (sorry, mom).  It wasn’t bigger on the inside, but that’s probably a good thing as I can still taste the sweetness and it’s been hours since I gobbled it down.

Well, that’s all for today.  I haven’t given a thought to what I’ll be writing this coming week, as tomorrow’s interview is dominating my thoughts for some reason.  I will try to still get the new Song Title Challenge up, though.  In fact, why don’t you head on over to the page right now and suggest me a title?

Now, you kids gerroff my lawn!

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