On Facebook and panicky status updates – A Parody

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll probably know exactly what I’m talking about.  Please share.

Facebook has made a change to Graph Search! COPY AND PASTE THIS TO YOUR WALL so everyone knows how it works and your News Feed doesn’t again get flooded by idiotic messages on how Facebook is making your personal information searchable to anyone in the world!

The new feature allows you to search for key words in comments and status updates. However, YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO FIND INFORMATION THAT HAS BEEN SHARED WITH YOU, i.e. public posts or posts by your friends. If you don’t want your posts to turn up in Graph Search, DON’T POST THEM PUBLICLY, but change your post settings to “Friends Only” or “Private”. Of course, not posting things online in the first place also helps to keep them private and unsearchable.

To find out more about Graph Search (like what it actually is and how it works), click here:

To find out how to manage your privacy settings, click on the gear-icon top-right of your screen, go to ‘Help’ and read the articles under ‘Privacy’.

To find out more about search privacy specifically, click here:

Share this with all your friends and stop the circulation of idiotic panicky messages on our Facebook walls!!!!!!!

You think I’m being silly?  I prefer to call it a pre-emptive strike.  Hey, it’s worth a try.

17 thoughts on “On Facebook and panicky status updates – A Parody

  1. I’m not a Facebooker (Twitter, yes – only have time for so much social media). That said, it drives me CRAZY that people Facebook my blog posts but I don’t know who, where or what the comments are. I should be flattered I suppose but searching Facebook for anything seems to be a needle-in-a-haystack-business for anyone who isn’t on it.


    1. The new graph search makes it quite easy to search for stuff, but yes, I think you need to be logged in to use the feature. You could always remove the FB button from your posts, but then you lose potential readers…


  2. I hate facebook so much, but I can’t kick the habit either. I’ve gotten to the point where I never post a status update any more. The only notification that goes on facebook is when I’ve done a blog post. But I have a lot of friends and family who will only communicate with me that way, so I’ve kept it.

    I do a lot of eye-rolling though.


    1. I’m actually rather active. But when I share something I intend for it to be visible. My personal info is all protected and no one has embarrassing photos of me to post and I actually know how the platform works, which makes it a useful tool for interacting with others. Sadly, most others don’t. Luckily FB has a “mute” button. (It’s just well-hidden)


    1. I actually know a few people, including bloggers, who are not on Facebook. As I mentioned to another commenter earlier, I tried to quit once, but fell off the wagon. The prospect of detoxing again is just too daunting, so now I’m embracing it and educating others on how it really works 😉


    1. I wish people would try and find out how things really work rather than just sharing every nonsense story they see on someone else’s wall. Sadly, nonsense spreads much more easily than facts – I posted this in a status update and it hasn’t had one like yet 😦


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