Winter is coming…

…to the Northern Free State.  Or rather, it has come.  Suddenly.  So suddenly that I keep looking out the window for a sign of the White Walkers while fretting at the total absence of obsidian in the house.  I don’t like it.

Just yesterday I was still walking around barefoot and in shorts.  Actually I did today as well, but today I seriously questioned the wisdom of that particular choice of attire.  Right now I’m sitting typing this with slippers on my feet and a little blanket covering my legs.  One would think I’m living in an old age home, for crying out loud.

I have a feeling we’re going to pay this year for the very mild winter we had last year.  Luckily we’re temporarily migrating to warmer climes for a few days before we have to surrender to the rigours of not-summer (and without the benefit of central heating and double-glazed windows, I might add).

It’s at times like these I wish hibernation was an option.