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Winter is coming…

…to the Northern Free State.  Or rather, it has come.  Suddenly.  So suddenly that I keep looking out the window for a sign of the White Walkers while fretting at the total absence of obsidian in the house.  I don’t like it.

Just yesterday I was still walking around barefoot and in shorts.  Actually I did today as well, but today I seriously questioned the wisdom of that particular choice of attire.  Right now I’m sitting typing this with slippers on my feet and a little blanket covering my legs.  One would think I’m living in an old age home, for crying out loud.

I have a feeling we’re going to pay this year for the very mild winter we had last year.  Luckily we’re temporarily migrating to warmer climes for a few days before we have to surrender to the rigours of not-summer (and without the benefit of central heating and double-glazed windows, I might add).

It’s at times like these I wish hibernation was an option.

Winter has come

I have already posted today, but I have to tell you all that it’s bloody cold over here.  Winter isn’t coming, it’s here.  At any moment I’m expecting a white walker to knock on the door and there’s not a sliver of obsidian in the house.  (If you didn’t get that you really should read more.)

To make matters worse, Wifey has a bout of flu (she refused to get her flu-shot in spite of my repeated admonitions (read nagging)) and has monopolised all the blankets in the house.

In other news, I passed one thousand views on If all else fails…use a hammer this week, so yay!

Good luck with Monday and have a great week.

Random Stuff

You know those days where you have nothing to write, but you really, really feel like writing something?  Yeah, here’s the result.

It’s getting colder over here.  I hate it.  I’ve never been fond of winter, but I suppose it’s necessary – can’t really have spring without it.  Thing is, where I live winter is just cold.  There’s no pretty snow or anything, just constant, freezing cold.  It’s also very dry.  Think dusty fields, hard grass, runaway fires, bare trees…I know Roy Campbell got a kick out of that, but I prefer summer with it’s thunderstorms, green trees and picnics in the sun.  On the other hand, now I have an excuse to whip up a batch of soup.  Mmmmmmmm.

I’ve started on the third chapter of my novel.  I’m seriously lacking in the discipline-department when it comes to writing.  At this rate I don’t know when I’ll be finished.  Any suggestions?

Wifey and I are currently on a Doctor Who marathon.  Just finished watching Blink, probably the scariest Doctor Who episode there is (at least in the post-2005 series – haven’t seen any of the old ones yet).  Very apprehensive about this weekend’s season finale.  The Doctor’s Name.  Oh, the possibilities.

If you haven’t heard yet, the Pianoguys have released a new video, this time a cover of Home by Philip Philips.  It’s terrific.  I especially like the cows.  Apparently they respond positively to the cello.  Who knew.

And, naturally, my post on spamming of Saturday received a spam comment today.  This one worked, though.  Luckily Akismet did as well.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t voted in the poll on spammers yet, there’s no time like the present. Look.  I even pasted it below so you won’t have to go back to the previous post.

Happy blogging, all.