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On Christmas Carols and Decorating Craziness

On Christmas Carols and Decorating Craziness

I have to confess something.

I love Christmas.

I really do.

Or that’s how this post was supposed to start before Jayde-Ashe at The Paperbook Blog beat me to it.  Oh, well.

There are things about Christmas I don’t like, like the way it has become all about stuff and all the whack-jobs and Scrooges (“Christian” and non-Christian) who suddenly get on their soapboxes to proclaim why we shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas.  I could probably think of more, but I don’t want to right now.  This post is about loving Christmas.

What I love most about Christmas is the music.  I also like giving the people I love gifts.  I’ve never been that big on decorating for Christmas – that’s the wife’s department – but this year I got into that as well.  In fact, I got a bit too into it this year…

It started with the wife decorating the tree:

Christmas tree

Looks nice, doesn’t it?  Then I decided the clock needed decoration as well…

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And that’s two…

They say bad things come in threes.  Now, I’m not superstitious, but this week has an ominous feel to it.

First, if you missed my rant on Sunday, I didn’t get that job I was hoping for.  That in itself would have been bad enough.  What made it worse is that they never let me know that I didn’t get it but I only found out when they posted a photo of the guy who did get it on Facebook.  (If you try to read that particular post now you’ll find that it’s set to private – I needed to vent but I’d rather not let the anger and bitterness permanently affect my home page.)

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Random Stuff

You know those days where you have nothing to write, but you really, really feel like writing something?  Yeah, here’s the result.

It’s getting colder over here.  I hate it.  I’ve never been fond of winter, but I suppose it’s necessary – can’t really have spring without it.  Thing is, where I live winter is just cold.  There’s no pretty snow or anything, just constant, freezing cold.  It’s also very dry.  Think dusty fields, hard grass, runaway fires, bare trees…I know Roy Campbell got a kick out of that, but I prefer summer with it’s thunderstorms, green trees and picnics in the sun.  On the other hand, now I have an excuse to whip up a batch of soup.  Mmmmmmmm.

I’ve started on the third chapter of my novel.  I’m seriously lacking in the discipline-department when it comes to writing.  At this rate I don’t know when I’ll be finished.  Any suggestions?

Wifey and I are currently on a Doctor Who marathon.  Just finished watching Blink, probably the scariest Doctor Who episode there is (at least in the post-2005 series – haven’t seen any of the old ones yet).  Very apprehensive about this weekend’s season finale.  The Doctor’s Name.  Oh, the possibilities.

If you haven’t heard yet, the Pianoguys have released a new video, this time a cover of Home by Philip Philips.  It’s terrific.  I especially like the cows.  Apparently they respond positively to the cello.  Who knew.

And, naturally, my post on spamming of Saturday received a spam comment today.  This one worked, though.  Luckily Akismet did as well.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t voted in the poll on spammers yet, there’s no time like the present. Look.  I even pasted it below so you won’t have to go back to the previous post.

Happy blogging, all.

On Passion

“To play without passion is inexcusable” – Ludwig van Beethoven

I know.  I’ve not written anything in more than two weeks, but I have a valid excuse, promise.  For once I have not been procrastinating.  For the past two weeks I have been working on my novel, though this last week would be more accurately described as staring with growing frustration at a computer screen that spitefully refuses to fill up with words.  Still, I’m almost done with the first chapter and already have more than 3 000 words on paper.  Not bad for two weeks, is it?

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