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On loud music at 6AM on a Sunday when I was planning to lie in

Sometimes I wish it were legal to whack people on the head with a hammer, like this morning when was woken at 6AM by loud techno music playing, apparently, in my bedroom.

This led to some momentary confusion. To start with, I don’t have a radio in my bedroom. On top of that, I don’t own any techno music and I never listen to it; in fact, it’s one of the very few music styles that I openly detest in its entirety.

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On Passion

“To play without passion is inexcusable” – Ludwig van Beethoven

I know.  I’ve not written anything in more than two weeks, but I have a valid excuse, promise.  For once I have not been procrastinating.  For the past two weeks I have been working on my novel, though this last week would be more accurately described as staring with growing frustration at a computer screen that spitefully refuses to fill up with words.  Still, I’m almost done with the first chapter and already have more than 3 000 words on paper.  Not bad for two weeks, is it?

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