Song Title Challenge #48: Plastic Shadow – Blindspott

It’s time for this week’s Song Title Challenge.

Write a short piece of fiction, around 300 words, using the song title as your story title but don’t listen to the song.  You can pick your own genre or use the one suggested to me.  Remember to link back to this post so I can find yours.

If you would like to suggest a song title for a future post, you can do so from the challenge page.  You can also leave a suggestion on the Facebook page.

This week’s song is Plastic Shadow by Blindspott Thanks to Gigi from Anchor it down for the suggestion.  No genre was specified.

Plastic Shadow

“Can I help you, sir?”

Sven jumped.  Being startled was a new experience.  He didn’t like it.  He turned to see a pasty kid in braces.

“Yes,” he drawled.  “Vot is zis place?”

“Ghouls ‘R Us, sir,” said the kid, flashing a smile of metal and rubber bands.  “The one-stop-shop for everything the discerning undead might want.  We have stake-proof capes, fang-whiteners, parsley over in the fresh food section to counteract garlic, or perhaps some flea powder – I hear when one turns into a bat they can be a right pain in the…”


Normally the Voice made mortals cower before him, but the kid just blinked and smiled again.  “Of course not, sir.  Not a classy gent like you.”  All that metal was starting to make Sven uncomfortable.

“How did you know I vos a vampire anyvay?”

“You mean besides the Transylvanian accent?  Just joking.  Here at Ghouls ‘R Us we’re trained to recognise any and all undead customers.  In your case it’s what you don’t have.”

“Vot do you mean?”

“You don’t have a shadow.  Great big spotlights overhead, white tile floor all around you.  Dead giveaway, if you’ll pardon the pun.”

Sven looked at his feet and felt somewhat relieved there was no blood in his veins.  He had the most absurd urge to blush.

“Yes,” he mumbled.  “Part of ze curse, I’m afraid.  Nozzing to be done about it.”

“On the contrary, we have just the thing, fresh in from Undead Solutions Inc.  I give you the Plastic Shadow.  Not actual plastic, of course.  Indistinguishable from the real thing and guaranteed not to snag.  It won’t last in sunlight, but that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?”

“Er, no, I don’t suppose…”

“Excellent.  Will you be paying with a gold card or just regular gold?”

Copyright © 2014 Herman Kok

I can’t find a music video, but you can still listen to the song.

9 thoughts on “Song Title Challenge #48: Plastic Shadow – Blindspott

  1. I really want to write something with this title…no time this week (or next) alas. On reading the comments – I was in a band once that didn’t go anywhere, not least because none of us could agree on a name (‘Nuke the Neighbours’ was the only one that lasted, and had really obvious problems). However, my brother was in a band called ‘Harry Had a Laugh’ which did VERY well on the pub circuit. The genre? Funk. Counter-intuitive for the day – early 1990s – but it worked. The guy who led it (a long-standing friend of my family) later purchased one of “the” three legendary rock venues in New Zealand: – click on the about tab.


    1. There is no time limit on these, so write it whenever you have time. I’ll be sure to see it anyway.

      One another note, is there anything you haven’t done/aren’t interested in? Also, what instrument do you play?


      1. There’s a heap of things I’m totally useless at and know nothing about…any sport you might name, for instance. Cooking. Home handyman stuff. Ouch. But I don’t blog about those… 🙂

        Piano – I chugged, rather painfully, through the Royal Schools of Music course. My innate geekiness swiftly translated that to synthesisers as soon as I had any money. All now gathering dust and corrosion (sigh)…


    1. If you know that kind of trivia I suppose you’re a true fan, right? Thanks again for the suggestion. You’re always welcome to suggest another title (or attempt the challenge yourself).


  2. You learn something every day…

    I looked up Blindspott on Music Map and one of the closest matches was a band called Gun Fellatio. Who’d have thought someone would name their band that?

    Oh, and nice post.


    1. The question, “What were they smoking?” seems apt in this case.

      A local band calls themselves Fokofpolisiekar (translation: F***-off Police Car). They make quite decent music, but their name caused major waves in the conservative Afrikaner community from which they all came. It doesn’t help that their lead singer is a pastor’s son.


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