All men must die

Did you watch the first episode of Game of Thrones last night? Apparently it was already available on Saturday afternoon, along with episodes two, three and four. That’ll teach HBO to send advance copies to reviewers. According to TorrentFreak the first episode was downloaded over a million times during the first eighteen hours. So much for trying to keep anything secret in the digital age.

In 2012 Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia released a public service announcement in the form of a little animated video and song, titled Dumb Ways To Die. The video went viral on social media (in two years it has had over one hundred million views on YouTube), spawned a mobile game, and even yours truly have used it in a piece of short fiction.

The video has also inspired numerous parodies, the latest one featuring Game of Thrones which is, frankly, filled with dumb (or at least gruesome) ways to die. They have kept the words of the original, but the video depicts all of the most memorable deaths of the series thus far.

Spoiler alert: Don’t watch this if you haven’t yet watched season four/read A Feast for Crows. (And for goodness sake, stay away from the comments!)

4 thoughts on “All men must die

  1. Weirdly, I’ve read none of the books or watched a single episode of this. I haven’t avoided it or anything and I do want to check it out. More a sort of time thing. The first book is waiting in my ‘to read’ pile…


    1. I enjoyed the first one very much, and the second was also good, but from the third onwards it has been hit-and-miss for me. GRR Martin keeps on introducing new characters and starting new storylines to the point that I don’t see how he can possibly resolve them all in only two more books. The series as a whole is an astounding piece of writing, and that he knows what he’s doing is beyond doubt, but it has simply gotten too big.

      Measured against the books, I think the HBO series has been done brilliantly. The production values aside, they’ve managed to condense thousand-plus page novels into ten one-hour bursts each that manage to bring across most of the plot while never dropping the tension. I can fully understand why the series is the most pirated show on the net.


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