A Springtime Refresh

A Springtime Refresh

The first day of spring has always felt like a holiday to me. Not a stay-away-from-work holiday, but a special day that deserves to be celebrated. And this September first is worthy of celebration indeed. It has been warming up over here for the past two weeks, so much so that we’ve been sleeping with the window open, the better to enjoy the chirping and croaking of seemingly hundreds of frogs that had woken from hibernation early.

But my favourite part is when, apparently overnight, almost without one noticing, everything suddenly erupts in the most beautiful and varied shades of green. Spring is a time of new life. It’s time of new beginnings, at least for me, much more than New Year’s is.

I’ve had a rough winter. Metaphorically, that is. Around May I finally came to the conclusion that my studies were going nowhere, and that even if I did finish it, it wouldn’t help me to get a job (I’m not going to go into details, so please don’t ask). Trying to find a job in my chosen profession met with disappointment after disappointment and I’ve reached the point where I’ve just had enough.

So, I’m quitting my studies and have embarked on the journey to a new career. Also in May I discovered FreeCodeCamp.com. This open-source community was created to train new web developers while helping out non-profits at the same time. It teaches you everything from basic HTML to building full-stack web apps. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, go check it out.

I am enjoying it immensely, and am very excited at the possibilities this could open up in the future. I’m still applying for jobs in the field for which I originally studied, but now I have a plan in case that doesn’t work out. It’s a new beginning that, I think, is long overdue.

if all else fails LogoI’m hoping this spring will also be a new beginning for if all else fails… and what better way to kick-start that than with a brand new look? I’m not someone who easily changes something that works for me, but when Franklin was launched last week it was love at first sight. I spent the whole weekend tweaking it, and have it almost the way I want it.

Among other things, you’ll see some brand new graphics, courtesy of the Wife, I’ve updated all the policy pages, which now appear at the bottom of the screen, and I’ve added ten new languages to the translation page. I still need to update the About pages, create a new button for the site, and transfer the new look to Facebook and Twitter, but everything should be in place by the weekend.

Have a look around and tell me what you think, why don’t you?

For all of you lucky enough to live south of the Equator, have a glorious Spring. For those of you up North…too bad. But don’t worry: Spring is only six months off πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “A Springtime Refresh

  1. I’ve been reading posts in your blog for quite a while today, having been intrigued by your name on the forum, and have really enjoyed what I’ve read, so far, so now I’m followed your blog. I am in Wales, UK, so our seasons are very different from yours in S.Africa (and how!) I can’t remember the exact weather ee had in September last year (from when this post is dated) but by then our barely-existent summer is passing into a “oh-maybe-I’ll happen” autumn and then onto the far too long winter. But yes, Spring does make one want to make changes. Our avian friends think so too. πŸ™‚

    By the way, how long are comments open on your posts? I saw that you close them on old ones but couldn’t see an indication of when that happens. Oh and is there an actiual comment policy here? (Not that I’m one for any unpleasant comments!)


    1. Hi Val. Welcome to if all else fails… I don’t think at the moment I have the setting on to close old comments. Frankly, I kinda forgot about that, having to been super-active here lately. Comment policy is linked at the bottom of the page.

      I live next to a river and love watching birds myself. There are certain ones that, when they appear, my heart sings as I know Spring and warmer weather is coming. Though right now we’re freezing again over here, and Winter has only just started.

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      1. Ah, thanks, I had clicked the link in your post and saw the facebook and other thingy link (sorry, my memory is dreadful), didn’t think to look right at the bottom of the page as I saw tiny print and thought it was the WordPress.com own links. I’m reading it now.
        Oh, how lovely to live by a river. Sometime, tell me what birds you enjoy watching. πŸ™‚


      2. With the baby on the way we’re looking at moving to a bigger place, but I’ll miss my view of the river when we do.

        We have weavers by the hundreds, and pigeons as well. But the river is also frequented by cormorants and a few other water foul. There’s a pair of woodpeckers in the area, and a pair of fish eagles I can hear calling during the day – saw them once, right above the river in front of my apartment.

        I recently bought a new camera that actually has the zoom-capability to take decent bird pictures, so I’m planning to set up a new site for my sad attempts at photography. I’ll announce it here once I get that going.

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      3. I’d love to see a fish eagle. Hubby and I have been watching a webcam of peregrine falcons that are nesting on a church or cathedral ledge in eastern England. We’ve watched them since they were chicks and they are starting to leave the nest and fly away now. It’s quite addictive viewing.


      1. πŸ™‚ Being somewhat closer to the Equator and the Med means we don’t normally have a big drop in temps in winter. I think the coldest it’s ever gotten here in winter was 4C and only for a short time. The sweaters I knit and wore daily in Minnesota are rarely used or, if so, as outerwear.


      2. From Minnesota to the Middle-East is quite a shift in climate indeed. In that case I understand why you’d welcome the passing of summer. On the other hand, 4C is considered quite cold in SA. When the mercury drops under 15C our teeth are a’chattering. I suppose it’s what one’s used to.

        I have a friend in Jordan who loudly complains about the winters there, but I understand it’s a bit colder again than what you have.


      3. 4C is hardly winter’s mean temperature (pun intended) on the coast but is not unheard of annually in the things that pass for mountains. My blood has definitely thinned since moving here. Jordan overall has a higher altitude (with the exception of the Dead Sea) than here, so the winters are probably much colder than my seaside home.

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