So, I’ve lost NaNoWriMo once again. And don’t try telling me there’s still time – there isn’t. Not to write 47 000 odd words in a little more than 24 hours.

Going in I’d decided to shun the 50 000 words goal, and rather just try to write every day, and for the first five days I managed just that. But this November really wasn’t very conducive to writing. We were only home for one weekend this entire month, and the times between weekends were not exactly quiet either.

Among other things, we visited the wife’s parents (we surprised the mother-in-law for her birthday) where I did some gardening with my father-in-law while listening to India soundly thrash South Africa in cricket. We visisted one of our best friends (whom we hadn’t seen in almost a year) who took us for sushi in Hillbrow while we took her to go see the South African production of Sweeney Todd. And the past few days we were visiting my sister’s – the wife was attending a workshop there, but she doesn’t like driving in city traffic so I played chauffer, and got to spend some time with my nephew in return.

After that first weekend away I just couldn’t get back into the writing groove, which is a pathetic excuse, I know, but it’s what I have. I’m still trying my best to cultivate a sustainable writing habit, but first I need to sort out my routine regarding the day job.

What day job, I hear you ask? Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriWoe

  1. At least you tried! The last year I attempted it I was unemployed, so that wasn’t really a fair representation of my time. Writing every day is a great practice, if it is at all feasible. Maybe I’ll try again next year…


    1. I think writing every day while having other obligations is possible, but it takes definite planning, effort and sacrifice. But 1700 words a day is tough. I struggled with 300 a day. NaNo is fun, but I need the time to immerse myself fully to get the most out of it. This year I didn’t have that time.


  2. I wouldn’t call it ‘losing NaNo’ – all writing is good and sometimes life has other priorities! Your thoughts and efforts won’t be wasted, and I bet you’ll find other ideas flooding in when you restart. I’ve had a novel project sitting in my “in” tray for the last month and haven’ touched it (blew through 2000 words one weekend and then had other priorities, including family matters and writing a proposal for a new book project).

    Day job? Don’t keep us in suspense! 🙂

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