A peanut named Squishy

Three weeks ago I started working at Automattic. But something else happened that day that I didn’t tell you about. On the same day I started my new job I also found out that I’m becoming a dad…

…which proves that the universe is an unusually cruel place, if it would inflict me on a poor, innocent new life. Ah, well. Squishy will learn soon enough that life’s not fair.

Oh, yeah. That’s what we’re calling it while we don’t yet know what it is. Squishy.

Wanna see a picture?

Sonar photo of fetus at eight weeks

We went for the first sonar today. If you’ve never done this before, you see that white peanut-shaped thing at the bottom of the kidney-shaped black thing? That’s Squishy. At seven and a half weeks.

We saw the heartbeat. And the doctor showed us how the arms and legs are developing already. It’s amazing.

If all goes well, Squishy will join us around the end of July next year.

This probably means I’ll have to grow up now. Drats!


14 thoughts on “A peanut named Squishy

    1. Ha. We’ve already decided on names two weeks ago, in the car on the way to my nephew’s christening. We’re just waiting to find out which set will be most appropriate for Squishy.

      We don’t agonise overlong about life-changing stuff. Our wedding was 98% planned only a few hours after we got engaged as well.


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