Let there be cake

Let there be cake

Last week we had a birthday in the house, and you know what that means…CAKE!

I’ve sung the wife’s praises many times on the blog in the past, from her illustrations to the bedroom set and mobile she’d made for Elizabeth last year. And true to form, she put in a repeat performance with the Minion’s first birthday.

Butterfly cake 2
Butterfly cake 1

The cake was carrot. Light, moist, and tasty. The frosting was fondant…home-made marshmallow fondant, the alchemical secrets of which I cannot divulge here. Let’s just say store-bought fondant will in future only serve to remind me of what it’s not.

Of course there were decorations as well…

I’m sure you’re noticing a theme here. The Minion’s crazy about butterflies.

See the cookies? Also made from scratch by the missus, and decorated with royal icing. They tasted as good as they look.

Butterfly birthday 3.JPG

It all made for a very happy birthday girl (who has 4 teeth already, bum-shuffles at an incredible speed (she flatly refuses to crawl), and absolutely loves the ocean – a true beach-bum in the making).

She still poops a lot. When do we ditch the diapers?

Edit: Five teeth! Apparently she cut another one without telling us. Barely a year old and already parent-child communication in this household is breaking down. Anyone have a recommendation for a good family therapist?

7 thoughts on “Let there be cake

    1. The cake’s actually less sweet than it would have been with regular fondant, which is part of why it was so good. Fondant is way too sweet. Won’t argue with you about the child, though. She’s the sweetest.

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