As ready as we can be

As ready as we can be

Tomorrow I get to bring my girls home.

The past three days I’ve mostly spent at the hospital, helping with Elizabeth while my wife still has limited mobility after her surgery. I even have my first diaper assist under my belt (I actually went for one solo, but it turned out to be a false alarm that time).

It’s been tough leaving them there in the evenings, but I used the time at home to complete changing my wife’s work room into Elizabeth’s new room. I’ve mentioned before that she’s getting a pair of crafty parents, and the wife did not disappoint (all credit to her on what follows – I just did the heavy lifting).

Think Squishy is going to like her new home?

6 thoughts on “As ready as we can be

    1. Apparently the wife is still planning to make a door, like in The Secret Garden (which, by the way, is one of the rare cases where I liked the film much better than the book).

      The wife also has a thing for keys, especially old ones (which might come from repeated viewing of aforementioned film).


      1. I didn’t see the movie. Loved FHB’s books. I can identify with her love for keys … My relationship with them has more to do with getting lost in relation to wherever they happen to be, but thinking on it, they have a certain magic, don’t they?

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