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As ready as we can be

As ready as we can be

Tomorrow I get to bring my girls home.

The past three days I’ve mostly spent at the hospital, helping with Elizabeth while my wife still has limited mobility after her surgery. I even have my first diaper assist under my belt (I actually went for one solo, but it turned out to be a false alarm that time).

It’s been tough leaving them there in the evenings, but I used the time at home to complete changing my wife’s work room into Elizabeth’s new room. I’ve mentioned before that she’s getting a pair of crafty parents, and the wife did not disappoint (all credit to her on what follows – I just did the heavy lifting).

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Getting crafty

I might have told this story before but the first words my wife ever spoke to me were to scold me for daring to say I can’t draw – anyone can draw, she loftily asserted, they just need to practice.

She has since seen me attempt to draw, which led to her admitting the error of her ways. Now, if I need a drawing I just tell her what I want, and she makes it happen. You can see the results all over this site. We make a good partnership that way.

But it’s by no means a one-sided partnership. While I can’t draw I’m a very practical person, and when the wife gets magnificent, impractical, Pinterest-inspired ideas, it falls to me to turn concept into reality.

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