Sweet…or superfood?

Sweet…or superfood?

Earlier this year I started running and cycling in an attempt to be healthier. More on how that’s going later…

Meanwhile, if you start reading up about exercise, you’re bound to come across mention of the post-workout snack. Essentially, after getting your heart pumping, you need to take in some carbs to replenish your body’s energy reserves, and some proteins your muscles can use to start rebuilding themselves.

Consisting entirely of sugar and eggwhites, meringues are both…

Could meringues be the ultimate post-workout snack?

(By the way, they’re looking good, aren’t they? Only my second time making them, but they came out perfectly!)

6 thoughts on “Sweet…or superfood?

  1. Those meringues do look rather good, though I must admit I don’t eat much in the way of sugary foods – no particular reason other than that about 6 years ago my wife went on a sugar-free diet and I joined the sugar-free band wagon in moral support. Haven’t really returned to it. That said, there’s a meringue based dessert here in NZ – the pavlova. Basically a large meringue with loads of sugary whipped cream and fruit on top. Nobody quite knows where it was invented, it’s also popular across the Tasman, and both Australia and New Zealand claim it as theirs.

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    1. I know the pavlova well. It’s quite popular over here also. Haven’t had one in ages, though – along with baklava (which I also love), it’s one of the things that actually manage to cross the line into too sweet for me, depending on the toppings of course. (I have a terrible sweet tooth, so can tolerate a lot. I do try to keep my sugar-intake low, but one must indulge occasionally 😉 )

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    1. Over the weekend I had some that just turned into powder in my mouth, which wasn’t very nice. But mine were crispy with just an ever so small gooey bit in the centre, which is perfect imo 🙂

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