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Sweet…or superfood?

Sweet…or superfood?

Earlier this year I started running and cycling in an attempt to be healthier. More on how that’s going later…

Meanwhile, if you start reading up about exercise, you’re bound to come across mention of the post-workout snack. Essentially, after getting your heart pumping, you need to take in some carbs to replenish your body’s energy reserves, and some proteins your muscles can use to start rebuilding themselves.

Consisting entirely of sugar and eggwhites, meringues are both…

Could meringues be the ultimate post-workout snack?

(By the way, they’re looking good, aren’t they? Only my second time making them, but they came out perfectly!)

On a very cookie Christmas…or is that Christmas cookies?

On a very cookie Christmas…or is that Christmas cookies?

Howdy.  I hope you’ve had/are having/will have a very pleasant Christmas Eve (depending on which time zone you’re in).  We’ve had rather a busy day.  Not shopping, mind you.  The last of our presents have been lying wrapped under the tree since two weeks ago – a new record for the wife and I, but then we usually begin our Christmas shopping around March each year.  No, today and yesterday was spent baking.

When I was little my mom used to bake up a storm when summer vacation (which for us is in December) came along.  Plastic containers filled to the brim with cookies would accompany us wherever we went on holiday and the contents would be fiercely rationed, on the one hand to ensure they lasted the whole vacation, on the other to ensure my sister and I won’t make ourselves sick.

As an adult I’ve turned my hand to baking cookies a couple of times with great success.  Unfortunately the oven in our apartment is currently on the fritz.  It’s still okay for making grilled cheese on toast or the occasional lemon meringue, but not so much for baking.  So, when it was decided we’ll be spending Christmas at my mom’s this year it was also decided that there will be cookies via the exploitation of her oven. Continue reading “On a very cookie Christmas…or is that Christmas cookies?”

On tasty treats

For as long as I can remember my favourite dessert (except ice cream, of course) has been lemon meringue.  It was always one of those treats that only came along with one of the folks’ birthdays or if some relatives came to visit.  When I finally became old enough to forgo the birthday party with obligatory clown cake it became a standard request for the celebratory rituals on the annual remembrance of my egress from the womb.  So naturally, when my mom moved to a different town I needed to learn how to make it myself, lest I be starved of my favourite sweet indulgence.

Lemon meringueThe wife and I just finished the final pieces of the lemon meringue I made on Friday for her birthday and in a surge of sugar-induced altruism I’ve decided to share the recipe for this divine food with you.

Continue reading “On tasty treats”