Author: Liese le Roux

Guest Post: Every Sperm Is Sacred by Liese le Roux

This morning I got a message from a writer friend that yesterday’s Song Title Challenge had inspired her to write a story of her own.  She didn’t want to post it on her own blog, though, as her mother reads that one (which I totally understand – my mum has thankfully not yet discovered this blog…all my in-laws have, though), but she wanted me to see it.

I loved her story (even if it is double the challenge length and not in the suggested genre), and being the swell guy I am (and realising I can get a post for today without actually having to write one myself) I offered that she can post it here as a guest post.

So, give a warm welcome to Liese le Roux, normally residing at the Dead Sea Diaries, the first person ever to do a guest post on if all else fails…use a hammer.  (Drats!  This probably means I’ll have to go write a guest post policy now. *grumble-grumble*)

Every Sperm is Sacred – Liese le Roux

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