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It’s a puppet-pocalypse!

I’ve been very lazy with blogging the past couple of weeks.  You can probably tell, right?  I think it’s because last year this time I was relaxing at the seaside.  The feeling lingers.

This year, the wife and I are staying at home for the winter holidays.  One, we’ve already been on vacation this year.  Two, we don’t have any money to go on vacation.  And three, we each have a massive amount of studying to do, which won’t happen if we’re on vacation.

This week, though, we’ve been quite busy.  We got roped in to help a local church with a vacation club they’re running for the town’s kids, so we’ve been dusting off our puppetry skills (and rediscovering muscles and joint we had forgotten about).

As this meant getting all our puppets out from the various cupboard where they are usually stored I reckoned it’s the perfect opportunity to photograph them all so I can show you.  Previously I’d shown you the puppets we have made on order for other people.  Today?  Here’s a line-up of our puppets made for personal use:

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